When it comes getting strong, few people know more than Tyson Morrissy. The 23-year-old Victorian is one of the most accomplished Strongmen/Powerlifters in Australia.

His history of accomplishments is vast, but so far in 2016, he has received a 2nd place at Arnold Fitness Expo Mr Southern Hemisphere Strongman competition. As well as Placing first in the under 105kg GPC State Titles.

So with all that under his belt, Spartansuppz bossman took five with Tyson Morrissy to talk about How to Get Strong. Heres what went down.

How to Get Strong With Tyson Morrissy

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Stay tuned for the rest of the series on How to Get Strong With Tyson Morrissy. Where Spartansuppz is going to cover all the basics of getting strong, including increasing bench press, squat and deadlift.

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