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100% Casein by Optimum Nutrition Supplement Review

Are you searching for a slow-digesting protein source that is great for before bed to ensure your muscles are getting continually fed?

100% Casein by Optimum Nutrition is the gold standard in slow-digesting proteins and has been for over a decade.

Slow digesting protein supplements such as casein have been widely used by professional bodybuilders for generations to ensure that their muscles are being fed whilst they sleep, preventing them from entering into a catabolic state overnight.

If you're serious about your training and are looking to maximise your results from all of your hard training sessions, slow-digesting casein is a great addition to your supplement stack.

100% Casein by Optimum Nutrition Benefits

  • High protein content of 24g per serving.
  • Low carbohydrates & fats.
  • Thick consistency and great flavours.
  • Slow digesting, making it great for before bed or in between meals.
  • 9gm of Amino Acids per serving.
  • Easy to digest.

Who is this product for?

This product is perfect for any individual who is looking to maximise their muscle-building results from training. As mentioned, casein is a great choice to use to prevent your body from entering into a catabolic state while you sleep.

Flavours & Mixability

Optimum Nutrition Casein comes in 5 flavours at Spartansuppz. The first thing you will notice when supplementing with casein is how thick and creamy the flavours mix. This creamy texture means that Gold Standard Casein not only mixes great but tastes great too.

Where can I purchase 100% Casein?

What to stack this product with?

There are dozens of supplements that you can stack with this product, our typical recommendation would be to stack it with a whey protein and a creatine supplement.

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