100% Noway Bodybalance HCP Protein


Noway protein is one of the newest protein supplements on the market and provides an excellent protein source which the added benefit of being gluten & dairy free.

This particular very comprehensive protein supplement comprises a certain ratio Hydrolysed Collagen Protein Peptide (HCCP) trademarked as BodyBalance, this form of Peptide has been researched and there has been claimed to say that it is to be far more effective than traditional Whey Protein in reference to the bodies ability to utilise this protein source at the intended site.


Certain research has shown to NoWay:

  • Have 3x the amount of lean muscle growth
  • Increase fat loss by 2.5x
  • Improve muscular power by 3.75x

Another excellent benefit to the Noway BodyBalance protein system is that it has shown to have increased rates of absorption, in retrospect to other protein sources such as dairy and vegetable protein.
This is a blessing for anyone who has certain digestive issues, this will allow the protein source to be broken down much more efficiently and transported and utilised at a higher rate.

Bodybalance can also increase collagen production inside the body. Collagen is one of the most abundant source's of protein found in the body and is known to make up muscle tissue, cells and connective tissue.


If you have tried anything from ATP Science you'll know the extent of quality and research they apply to their formula's to construct the best products on the market and this is right up there with the best.

This protein supplement provides a number of benefits that can be tailored to a number of different demographic and situation's to create the most optimal muscle recover environment.

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