Steel Supplement - Adabolic Complete Intra-Workout Supplement Review

Overview -
This is a powerhouse supplement and a very complete intra-workout nutrition supplement, this is a really comprehensive product. Probably one of the most comprehensive products that I have ever seen. 1 serve is 37 grams and you get a total of 30 serves per tub, there is literally 30 ingredients in this product and every one of these ingredients is transparently dosed.

Vitamin Blend -
Everything from Vitamin A - K all with 100% RDI, which is a really fantastic addition to this product, there is a little bit of magnesium in there as well which is great because it does get depleted when we train. When you train you do deplete your immune system, so having ingredients in your product to help restore these is a great addition to the product.

This is a carbohydrate, derived from rice and potato and there are only 12 grams of carbohydrates so it's not going to blow anyone's macros but it's going to act as a nutrient partitioner. Carbs increase insulin, insulin goes up and then insulin drives nutrients to the cell. So it acts as a shuttling nutrient and also has a dragging effect in the form of pulling other ingredients in there as well. If you are not training with carbohydrates in your system, you are really missing out on a great opportunity. In addition to that when insulin is up, cortisol is down so in some sense anabolic but in some sense anti-catabolic.

L-Citrulline - 4g
This is a massive dose, L-Citrulline is great for improving blood flow and muscular endurance and it is almost a clinical dose and both Steel supplements pre-workout Charged AF and Amped AF has 3 grams of L-Citrulline so you are going to get a clinical dose of this ingredient. It is really great for blood flow, great for nutrient delivery and great for oxygenated blood so that you can do more work.

Branched Chain Amino Acid - 2:1:1
This is the proven research ratio and would expect nothing else, and it is a high dose as well getting over that critical threshold of getting a minimum 3 grams of Leucine as well and that's the ideal dosage and ratio that they have utilized here. That is what stimulates muscle protein synthesis and stops breaking down muscle tissue and start to build it back up again. Absolutely essential in any intra-workout product and a great addition to the product.

Glutamine - 3g
Glutamine is an essential amino acid and you do chew up a fair bit of it when you train and is also very good for immune system health and great for boosting protein synthesis and 3g is a very effective dose in an intra-workout product.

Beta - Alanine - 2g
Beta - Alanine buffers the build-up of lactic acid and hydrogen ions, this allows yourself to push yourself harder for longer. This ingredient has a great synergistic effect with L-Citrulline with the effects being your ability to have a higher threshold and better ability to go harder for longer so the 2 work in conjunction with each other very well and 2 grams is a little bit under the clinical dose, however both of the Steel Supplement Pre - Workouts contain Beta-Alanine so ideally your meant to stack these products together as a pre and intra-workout so then you are well and truly.

Kre-Alkyn - 1.5g
This is a PF buffered form of Creatine, that means instead of 70-80% of it getting leached by the stomach acids which generally happens with a vast majority of creatine monohydrate. Kre-Alkyn, on the other hand, gets delivered straight into the muscle where it can be utilised, no gastric upset, no wastage and a great uptake. 1.5 grams is equivalent to about 15-20 grams of Creatine Monohydrate so it is a very very effective dose and this covers your Creatine usage and it's a great cell volumizer and it's also great for recycling energy for explosive lifting and that is what Creatine does and Kre-Alkyn is a more concentrated form so you can get a maximum effect by taking less.

Betaine Anhydrous - 1g
Is an ingredient which helps with the production of Carnosyn, and is excellent for muscle power and again works in conjunction with Creatine and it is a very competent performance boosting ingredient.

HYDROMAX Glycerol - 500mg
Is a patterned form of Glycerol and it is a cell volumizer and helps to hydrate the cells and attract water and pulling nutrients into the muscle cell. Excellent for pumps and most importantly staying hydrated, a little drop in hydration and a massive drop in performance. That and the Creatine together are an absolutely fantastic combo.

Beta - Vulgaris (Beetroot Extract) - 500mg
It is a source of nitrate and acts as a nitric oxide booster and widens the blood vessels and vasodilates and allows to shelve more nutrients into the muscle cell. This is a very concentrated ingredient and the dosage of the ingredient is excellent and it's considered to be an effective dose of that ingredient. If you take any of the Pumped AF alongside this product, you will also get an extra dose of that as well and in relation to all of the Steel Supplement products they do tend to work really well in correlation with each other but not only is that great with delivering nutrients but also great for clearing lactate out of the muscle as well and is one of the variables of improving blood flow is the good going in but also make sure that the bad is going out.

Essential Amino Acids -
These work to go into the amino acid pool and spare branched chains so that they can be utilised to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Having the essentials in there is a nice addition to the product and utilise the branch chains for what they are meant to be utilised for which is actually stimulating muscle protein synthesis aka switching that switch from catabolism to anabolism. This ensures that you are taking steps forward and progressing in your workouts and not going backwards.

Bioperine - (Black Pepper Fruit Extract) 5mg
This is a digestive enzyme and this is going to break down and utilise, so it's going to help you break down and utilise the ingredients in the product and given there is so many of them and with such a vast range of dosages it's an excellent addition to the product.

Personal Feedback -
Adabolic is definitely not a BCAA product, this is a very complete intra-workout and performance and recovery solution. You have ingredients in here to stimulate protein synthesis, to spare muscle wasting and to allow the Branch Chains to do what they need to do. You've got performance, you've got pumps, you've got cell volumizers, you've got muscle power. If you could take 1 supplement that would cover pre, intra and post. This would be it, this would be the most complete. This is such a very impressive product, if you are a fan of Jason Hugh like me you would know that he has been working on this product for a number of years.

Mix-Ability + Flavours -
So chuck one of these monsters into a 500ml Spartansuppz shaker, with a light shake and it doesn't really have any colour to it. It has a nice sort of natural colour to it but we are really drinking this for the effect and not for the colouring. It smells tbh not that breathe taking and there is a lot of raw ingredients in there. Like a hell of a lot but let's try it out, the flavour isn't bad but it's definitely not the most delicious candy flavour with only 2g of Branch Chains type of product but however but given the number of ingredients in it, it actually tastes pretty good and there are 37 grams of ingredients so that is not gonna be very easy to flavour. It smells a little bit funky but the taste is actually very good like it is very tolerable and not too sweet but I would actually recommend diluting this down to at least a litre of liquid and having it while you train.

Value for money -
Absolutely love it, if I could only use one performance supplement it wouldn't be a pre-workout or it wouldn't be a protein. The protein you can get from other sources and pre-workout is not really essential, however, this is a complete workout supplement. I take a scoop of that before and while I train, you've ticked the box for delaying fatigue of promoting muscle anabolism with the Branched Chains to stimulate muscle synthesis. You've got muscle power from your Creatine, you've got your vitamin blend in there as well to help with your immune system as well.
It is the most comprehensive intra-workout, every working/growing product I have ever seen. When you pick up this tub, you know that you have a serious product because it is seriously heavy. You cannot fit 30grams of ingredients into a concentrated scoop and you don't get that for 1 dollar a serve. This is definitely not a cheap branch chain product. This is a complete intra-workout product but it is an absolutely fantastic formula and you can really tell the difference when you train on this product, you really do have the power to perform better. Your workouts are better, and you have the power, you have better muscular endurance and you feel like you can go hard for longer and that's because you have the nutrients for yourself to perform at that level. So many products right now or focused on being cheap and ticking the box and as marginally as possible a providing really minimal benefits at 1 dollar a serve. If you get it for 1 dollar a serve, its most likely gonna be rubbish. This, however, is a powerhouse product and I really couldn't speak more highly enough of the formula and are the flavours breathe-taking, no they are not. I would give the flavours maybe a 6 out of 10 and would give the formula an 11 if it was possible and there isn't really much more you could ask from a product to train, perform and recover

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