ATP Science Block E3 Review


ATP Science has been revolutionary when it comes to innovative new groundbreaking products and Block E3 is the newest addition to that collection with this highly comprehensive body shaping cream from the Australian company ATP Science.


Midnight Horror:

This is in the form of an aromatase inhibitor and estrogen blocker.
This allows for an adaption to occur which can change the environment within the consumer's body to be more effective when losing fat/building muscle.


Another highly effective estrogen blocker, with the additional benefit of being able to produce more higher free testosterone and less fat storage.

Black Pepper Essential Oil:

Black Pepper Essential Oil allows for a gradual boost in the absorption of the other compounds within the formula.
It helps the trans-dermal utilisation for maximum effect in the desired area.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Thyroid hormones control your metabolic rate and thermogenic capacity-burn more body fat throughout the day.
  • Support healthy thyroid production and T4 release
  • Increase conversion of T4 into T3. Then convert more T3 into T2. This is the most potent and effective thyroid stimulating form the hormone.
  • Eliminate Reverse T3

ATP Science Block E3 is not just a fat burner supplement.

This product specifically has been designed to aid your metabolic rate and allow have an improved appetite while making positive changes to your body composition.

Additional benefits of Block E3 is that it has the ability to improve both glucagon and leptin levels.
These play a major role in regulating metabolic rate and tend to be depleted when we diet.

Value For Money

Block E3 blocking cream has been designed to target and tighten specific areas.

As you may known estrogen is stored in fat cells so introducing a specific range of compounds to block it means a leaner, drier look for the consumer.

Specifically, this product is designed to target specific areas of the body such as the glutes/thighs for women and stomach/lower back for guys.

Estrogen is the energy when it comes to being more muscular/leaner. It inhibits fat loss and can also inhibit muscle building.

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