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Adrenal RX is a adrenal fatigue cortex from Australian company ATP Science.

This product has replaced the original ATP Science Cort RX

ATP Science Adrenal RX uses a unique blend of herbs and adaptogens that aid the body in adapting to stress. This stress can be from a wide variety of lifestyle sources as well as dietary in the form of stimulants.

In todays fast-paced world cortisol has become an ever increasing compound for those embedded in technology,work and reliant of heavy doses of caffeine throughout the day.

The ingredients in Cort RX work to return balance in your life. Stimulate energy in times of fatigue and allow you you to stay calm during high stress environments.

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Product Overview

This, like all the products in the ATP Science has been formulated by chief scientist Matt Legge. Matt has a long history as a naturopath which is very evident in the compounds used in the Cort RX formula.

Each capsule has a 500mg blend of schizandra chesnisis berry extract,wihtania somnifera extract,rhodiola rosea extract & curcuma longa extract.

For best results take 1 capsule 3 x daily with food. If using this alongside your pre-workout take 2 capsules.

Schizandra is an adaptogen which assists the body in adapting to both physical and mental stressors.

It also helps to increase work capacity by decreasing fatigue and reducing cortisol levels. This also happens to be very beneficial for recovery and muscle building.

Withania somnifera helps protect the adrenal glands from the daily stressors of life.

This is beneficial for not only cortisol levels but mood and anxiety levels.

Next up in this ATP Science Cort RX blend is rhodiola rosea extract. This is a very powerful neurotransmitter which regulates serotonin levels (happiness),dopamine (mood) and adrenal function.

Last ingredient in curcuma longa extract more commonly known as tumeric.

This has a wide range of health benefits but most importantly it helps limit the stress response so your body is less fatigued and can adapt to the situation more easily.


Adrenal fatigue/impairment is the real deal and a very common 'condition'. It can inhibit fat burning,recovery,impair sleep and affect mental focus/concentration levels.

ATP Science Cort RX addresses these issues with a comprehensive herbal blend to provide your body the fuel it needs to better adapt to stress.

This is suitable to be taken by anyone. It can be stacked with anything including any product in the ATP Science supplement range.

If you feel generally fatigued and consume higher amounts of caffeine a lowering of caffeine intake alongside ATP Science Cort RX will result in a drastic improvement in adrenal function ,sleep quality and general energy levels.

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