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Blackstone Labs Glycolog review is a nutrient partitioning agent designed to maximize the effect of insulin.
This has been put together by Blackstones in house product formula The Guerrilla who is also the man behind the very popular Trojan Horse non-stimulant fat burner.

How Does It Work?

This increases the utilisation of insulin and nutrient absorption. It will help your body make the best use of the carbohydrates you are taking in throughout the day. You will also be able to eat more carbohydrates and make the most out of them for packing on lean muscle mass.
Mimic the effects of insulin so you shuttle more nutrients into the muscle cell instead of being stored as body fat.
You will notice that you have dramatically enhanced glycogen loading and energy to perform as a result of this process Glycolog is enhancing.
This nutrient shuttling is not only specific to carbohydrates but also to amino acid driving them into the muscle cell to help protect them from the breakdown that occurs during training.
Insulin can be both your best friend or your worst enemy. It can promote the rate of glycogen storage,use of carbohydrates and increase muscle protein synthesis. It can also promote fat storage. Glycolog directs much more of this effort into building muscle and storing more nutrients for better performance and recovery.

The Ingredients

10:1 Gynema Leaf Extract-Improves the rate of insulin secretion and also helps with glucose clearance. Clearing glucose quickly means it is much less likely to be stored as body fat instead of being used as an energy source.
Cinnamon Extract 25:1-this is extremely potent and promote insulin sensivity which helps mimic insulin without any carbohydrates to stimulate the muscle protein synthesis/glucose burning process. It also makes your body block the pathway that break
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid: The most effective form of this powerful anti-oxidant. ALA is excellent for increase glycogen disposal and muscle protein synthesis. It will train your body to utilise more insulin in a more effective manner so you turn ingredients into muscle,no fat.
Super Berberine-This product shows great data for blocking the fat storage process.It also up-regulates the amp-k pathway for bringing in more glucose into the muscle cell and proving more energy during your workout.

How Do I Use It?

For best results this is taken alongside your 1 highest carbohydrate meals for the day. For many people this is going to be their first meal and then their pre-workout meal.
Thank you for check out our Blackstone Labs Glycolog review.

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