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Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse review is a unique non-stimulant fat burning supplement.

This is a real step into the unknown for this product as it is typically littered with high energy thermogenics.

The non-stimulant category in fat burners doesn't really exist, until Trojan Horse arrived.

Blackstone Labs don't mess about when it comes to producing supplements that deliver results. They have developed a reputation for producing the most hardcore effective supplements on the market. With their reputation on the line they put The Guerilla Chemist to work on his first solo project,Trojan Horse.

Formula Review

Trojan works as an uncoupling agent freeing fat cells so they can be used as an energy source.

This product makes your body less effective at using energy. In essence this means you will waste more calories throughout the day,even at rest.

Trojan use a number of pathways which include the combination of hydroxic citric acid (HCA) and l-carnitine. This pairing interferes with increases the enzyme activity to burn more body fat faster. You'll notice the dose of HCA is 750mg which is already very high but the 60% potency makes this even more effective.

The introduction of calcium pyruvate into this formula is key to the major increases in calorie output.

This is the real trojan of the formula interfering with the ATP production process. It significantly disrupts the process by which ATP (adenosine triphosphate aka energy) is created.

This means the body uses more calories to produce the same amount of energy.

A massive 3000mg of this uncoupling agent is the heart of the Trojan Horse formula.

The final piece of the fat burning puzzle is chromium piccolonate. This has been very popular in fat burning supplements and is utilised to maintain more stable blood sugar levels and reduce cravings.


This is a must cover topic when it comes to this unique stimulant free product.

Typically products in this category are quite high in caffeine and other CNS stimulants to provide a increase in energy,mood and mental focus.

Trojan Horse however is 100% stimulant free. That being said this is one of the most impressive feel effects from a fat burner I've ever tried.

Obviously there's no energy or jitters which I personally really like. However you can really feel yourself heating up quite dramatically after taking this product.

After 30 minutes of taking Trojan you'll notice an elevation in body temperature which actually lasts for a number of hours.


Available in lemon lime and black currant the flavours are really true-to-name and have a great flavour without being overly sweet. There is a slight gritty nature due to the high dose of pyruvic acid however this is very minimal and overall the mixability is quite good especially considering the amount of active ingredients in the product.

The black currant is very similar the Growth powder previously available in Australia.

Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse Review

This is one very intelligent product and there's a lot of science that has gone into developing this product. It certainly shows in the results and feel effect of this product.

Being stimulant free this makes Trojan Horse extremely versatile and suitable for stacking with a thermogenic fat burner (such as Cobra 6p Extreme),taking alongside your pre-workout and taking multiple serves a day.

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