BPM Labs The One Review


The One is a high energy, performance-based pre workout from BPM Labs.

BPM Labs have a reputation for formulating strong, intense formula's and The One does not disappoint.

This has just been released with new flavours and formulations to ensure the product tastes as good as the effects.


Carnosyn Beta-Alanine:

This specific compound has been known to improve the bodies production of carnosine within the body, this allow's an increase in the buffering of fatiguing by-products such as hydrogen ions and lactate.
These effects within the body have been shown in studies to increase muscular endurance and performance.

Creatine Monohydrate:

This compound has been heavily utilised and studied for generations, with studies showing that creatine monohydrate has the ability to increases the bodies production of ATP.
ATP is the main source of energy for explosive muscle contractions such as lifting weights, sprinting & jumping.

L-Arginine Malate:

L-Arginine Malate is an ingredient which improves blood flow and circulation within the body, this provide's a far superior nutrient delivery to the working muscles.
The faster the nutrient can be delivered to the working muscle, the more efficient the nutrients can be delivered and utilised.

L-Arginine AKG:

L-Arginine AKG has been known to improve Nitric Oxide production when consumed at the right quantity.
This product opens up the blood vessels to allow efficient and effective delivery of nutrients to the cells.


Naringen blocks the bodies histamine receptors.
Histamine causes you to become sleepy & tired.
By blocking this neurotransmitter you become more alert.


BPM Labs The One is the updated version of this particular pre-workout product, and this is a massive improvement with this particular product really stepping up to a whole new level of performance enhancement!

The benefits that you can expect from BPM Labs The One -

  • Increased Muscular Endurance
  • Increased Strenght & Power
  • Increased Central Nervous System Stimulation
  • Clean Smooth Hard-Hitting Energy
  • Increased Nutrient Delivery & Utilisation
  • Increased Blow Flow & Circulation
  • Euphoric Mood Enhancement
  • No Crash


If you have tried the old version of this product in reference to flavour, then just simply forget about it because it was not anything special at all.
But the team at BPM Labs, have stepped their ego down and have put in the work to formulate something absolutely mouth-watering.
The new and improved flavours are all excellent additions, with not one being better than the other.
All of them absolute stand-outs, the mix-ability is also sensational with no need to spend your valued time shaking your shaker.

Value For Money

BPM Labs The One can be purchased from Spartansuppz.com and from any Spartansuppz Retail Store for the retail price of $79.95 which each container supplying 30 serves to make it $2.67/serve.
In reference to the value for money, the reformulation of the product has made it very easy to understand exactly what you are paying for.
With BPM Lab's sourcing some of the finest ingredients, plus the improvements of flavour and mix-ability.
They have been able to produce a very comprehensive and stand-out pre-workout supplement, with excellent value for money.

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