Bodyscience Hydroxy Burn Shred Review


    BSC Hydroxyburn Shred is a very complete fat-burning supplement, this truly multi-dimensional fat-burning supplement will help to increase body temperature, control the consumer's appetite and metabolise fatty acids.


    Hydroxicitric acid - 2.5g

    This fat burning ingredient helps to free up fat cells as an energy source and improve the bodies ability to improve your serotonin levels, promoting a greater sense of well-being and a calming relaxing sensation throughout the body.

    Paullinia cupana (Guarna) seed (Equiv. Caffeine) - 4.5mg

    This is compound is going to allow the consumer to retain 100mg of caffeine.

    Caffeine is a thermogenic stimulant which is going to help raise your metabolic rate, boost energy and reduce reaction time creating mental focus and endurance.

    However, this form of caffeine is a slower acting source of caffeine, which is going to give you a much slower sustained release of energy

    This is going to be suitable for an individual with a lower tolerance for caffeine.

    Camellia Sinensis (Green tea) leaf - 750mg

    This underrated compound has been clinically proven to improve the metabolic rate by increasing the consumer's ability to release the fat cells to be oxidised and utilised as an energy source.

    Another benefit to the consumption of Green tea is that it allows for stabilization of blood glucose, which acts as a source of Theanine and can create a relaxing effect on the body.

    Green tea has been proven to have improvements post-consumption on the skin health and help to improve your appearance as well.

    Acetyl L-Carnitine - 2g

    Acetyl L-Carnitine allows for an increase in mental focus with a zoned in clear clarity after consumption.

    This fat metaboliser allow's fat to be broken down and utilised as an energy source.

    Tyrosine - 500mg

    Tyrosine is great for mental focus, providing a heightened sense of alertness.
    Whether you are using this during the day as an energy boosting supplement to stay on point or as an exercise aid, this compound is a great addition to any fat burning product.

    Caffeine - 150mg

    150mg of caffeine it is not going to send you crazy if you are sensitive to caffeine this product is definitely a product for you.
    It also is is something that you can take a couple times a day, as a morning coffee replacement and possibly before your workout in the afternoon.


    If you're looking for a lower energy fat burning this is definitely a good choice, this fat burning product will allow for a nice smooth boost of energy and mental clarity and can be taken a couple of times a day.

    A very comprehensive product, with a rich list of fat burning metabolites which will help to release fatty acids and utilise them as an energy source.


    Hydroxyburn Shred comes in 4 great flavours - Blue Lemonade, Super Berry, Orange Sherbet, Watermelon, Bubble Gum.

    The mixability of this product is great with no artificial colours included.
    It smells fantastic, and the flavour is great with a very delicious sweet bubble gum flavour.

    Value For Money

    BodyScience - HydroxyBurn Shred is a 60 serve product which you can purchase for $69.95 which equals to $1 a serve.
    When you factor the ingredients within this product, and the attention to detail with the high-quality manufacturing standards.
    The value for money is outstanding, we would definitely recommend trying this product.

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