Cellucor C4 Original Review


    This is the newest addition to the OG C4, there is a lot of additions to this product there is C4 Mass, C4 Ripeed, C4 50x.
    This pre-workout is an entry-level product, a great place to start if you're looking to use a pre-workout and you don't want to be over stimulated.


    Beta-Alanine - 600mg

    Beta-Alanine is a buffer of fatigue, this compound block's the build-up of lactic acid and more importantly buffer the build-up of hydrogen ions.
    This ingredient will allow yourself to push yourself harder for longer.

    Creatine Nitrate - 1000mg

    Creatine Nitrate is one of the most concentrated forms of Creatine, in reference to benefits after consuming this compound the body will have the ability to be more efficient in recycling energy to allow for improved explosive lifting.

    Creatine Nitrate is also much faster absorbing and can be taken is a lower dose with a greater effect then Creatine Monohydrate.

    Arginine AKG - 1000mg

    Arginine is a vasodilator which means it widens the blood vessels, this expands the blood vessels and allows for blood to be pumped through them.

    Explosive/Energy Blend - 321mg

    Caffeine Anhydrous - 160mg

    Caffeine Anhydrous is the known as the fastest acting form of caffeine, with an expected quick energy hit. This compound specifically is an excellent Central Nervous System stimulant which gets you fired up and feeling sharp to provide you with a sort of mental boost to sharpen up your sense of focus.

    Better alertness, a better sense of well-being and reduce reaction times to allow yourself to be mentally prepared for the session.


    This form of Theacrine is a tasteless and more improved form of caffeine.
    This allows yourself to not build up a tolerance, with its ability to replicate caffeine with much lesser doses.
    The TeaCor combined with the caffeine provides a nice clean sustained energy and you won't really crash from that ingredient either and I also like that you don't create a tolerance with the TeaCor ingredient in this formula.

    Flavour & Mix-ability

    C4 Original comes in a number of flavours in the form of Watermelon, Peach Mango, Blue Razz, Fruit Punch, Orange, Pineapple, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Margherita, Passionfruit, Cotton Candy.
    In reference to the Peach Mango, the flavour is absolutely on point.
    Cellucor does an amazing job of the flavours with C4 being their sort of break out flavour product, the blue raspberry and the strawberry margarita as also excellent choices for flavour.


    C4 is an entry-level product in comparison to another pre-workout such as Redcon1Total War.
    If your someone who is starting off their fitness journey, C4 is an excellent addition to add to your pre-workout stack.

    Value for money

    Cellucor C4 is sold online or at any Spartansuppz Retail Store for $39.95 at 30 serve and the 60 serve retails for $59.95,
    This comes back to $1.33 a serve for the 30 serving tub and $1 a scoop for the 60 serve.
    The formula is very good value for money but is at a clinical dose with 2 scoops.

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