Core Nutritionals Core Fury X Review


    This could quite be one of the most anticipated pre-workout releases of 2018. Core Nutritionals are known for producing some seriously good products, and the newest addition to their pre-workout range is absolutely on point.



    L-Citrulline is an excellent pump-based ingredient which is being known as a staple within a large number of pre-workout based supplements.
    This compound is going to allow for an increase in nutrient delivery to the working muscle through increased blood flow.
    This benefit will allow for quicker nutrient delivery to the working muscle, which has been related to vasodilation and better nutrient utilisation.

    Creatine Monohydrate

    Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most researched and supported forms of Creatine, this excellent compound is going to allow the consumer to have an increase in muscular strength, improved ability to increase muscle mass and overall body composition.


    HydroMax is another pump-product which works very similar to L-Citrulline in the ability to be able to improve vasodilation during training,

    Caffeine Anhydrous

    Caffeine Anhydrous is one of the most utilised forms of caffeine within supplements, this form of caffeine is known as the fastest acting caffeine source. As it allow's for a clean hit of energy from 30-90 minutes, so this is going to allow the consumer a euphoric sense of motivation to ensure that they are getting into the gym and killing every session at a consistently high level of performance.

    Theacrine (as TeaCrine 40%)

    Theacrine is another form of stimulants, allows for a much cleaner energy boost. This ingredient is going to allow a lower dose of caffeine anhydrous, this allow's for a very smooth energy hit and decreases the chances of any negative effects of over-stimulation such as anxiety, jitters or crash.


    Cor Nutritionals Core Fury X is a very comprehensive energy and pumps amplifier, this is the newest addition to the Core Nutritionals supplement range and can be taken with Core Nutritionals Core Pump to create the most complete pre-workout staple you'll ever need.
    When consuming Core Fury X, you can generally expect a cleans smooth energy hit with 0 crash, insane skin bursting bursts pumps, improved overall muscular endurance and performance.


    Core Fury X comes in 3 flavours - Star Candy, Australian Gummy Snakes, Pineapple Strawberry.
    Australian Gummy Snake is a delicious tasting pre-workout, with the name saying it all.
    If you're a big fan of Lollie Gummy Snakes, you are going to love this product.
    Flavour is on point, it is present that there are some pump based compounds within the blend but it isn't anything that going to put you off taking this product.

    Value For Money

    Core Fury X can be purchased from any retail store or online at $79.95 and comes in 20 serve product.
    When you take into consideration the quality of the ingredients and how they can synergistically work for the consumer to increase a consistent performance from session to session.

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