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Driven Sports Frenzy Review

Driven Sports Frenzy is the most anticipated product for quite some time. This company have produced some of the most popular supplements on the planet to date. Activate Extreme,Lean Extreme and most notable Craze were all killer products both in terms of the effect and their popularity. Frenzy aims to take the market by storm-and after trying it I think this is very achievable.

This is for good reason-they worked!

Frenzy provides some hard hitting energy,mental focus and euphoric workouts.

Here’s our thoughts on the product.

Frenzy-Product Formula:

Craze built a reputation for providing great energy and incredible mental focus and alterness-so Frenzy has a lot to live up to.

The formula starts off with creatine monohydrate,taurine,l-citrulline and l-carnitine l-tartrate. This is your performance boosting blend and will prime your body to train harder and most importantly and often overlooked stay hydrated. This is commonly an afterthought but the formulators at Driven Sports make products that work-and Frenzy is no exception.

To be honest the dosing could be better on all of these and they are not even close to clinical but that being said for a pre-workout serve they are certainly sufficient and for optimal results we’d never recommend you getting your creatine from a pre-workout supplement anyway.

Now for the fun part-the stimulants! This is the reason most of us are taking this product so best cut to the chase.

Frenzy packs a combination of caffeine for CNS stimulation,pouchong tea (another deriver of caffeine and great anti-oxidant) and beta pea for that mental focus and positive mood enhancement.

This one very effective combination not only for energy but more so for great mental focus so you get directed energy as opposed to being all scattered and over-stimulated like pre-workouts that over dose on caffeine.

The standout of this product for me is the citrus reticulata. As the name suggests this is a citrus extract and as well as being a great source of vitamin C/anti-oxidant it also aids in digestion and breaking down nutrients which will enhance the effect of the other ingredients on the product. It manages to pack alot of ingredients into one small serve and this addition makes them all much more effective in doing so.


In a word-excellent! Focus is off the charts,energy is ridiculous and this brings me back to the Craze days of what seems like endless happy feelings in the gym. If you have ever used a pre-workout with beta pea in it then you know how good it is and Driven Sports have done very well to make this addition to Frenzy. The clarity and mental focus you get from this product are fantastic and the standout is the cleanliness of the energy. It allows for great mental focus and good sustained workouts without a drop in energy towards the end of your training session. Be warned-this is a higher stimulant product so if you aren’t used to higher energy pre-workouts or have been taking a break then I’d highly recommend starting out with half a serve. Expect to hear the term “Frenzy like focus” in the gym over the coming months.

One lacking ingredient in Frenzy and also in Craze is something along the lines of agmatine or glycerol. Craze went by the logic that the best pumps come from the best workouts-and this is the motto that they have continued along with in Frenzy.

The pumps you get aren’t really as a result so much of the ingredients but as a result of the sheer amount of work you do in the gym from all the energy. You want to do more weight,more reps and shorter rest-all resulting in better pumps.

Frenzy-Taste & Mixability:

If you ever used Craze before and you have a halfway decent set of tastebuds the flavour would be average at best. Thankfully the boys in the flavouring department did their homework and the flavour of Frenzy is much improved over Craze. I wouldn’t say it tastes amazing-but it certainly isn’t bad and is very drinkable.

Mixability aswell is quite good and poses no real issue at all.

Frenzy VS Craze?

This is the real question on everyones lips-Frenzy or Craze? To be honest-I was a real Craze lover, but I’d prefer Frenzy. The flavour is MUCH better,the energy feels cleaner and the focus is great.

Driven Sports have done a damn fine job on this product. To come even close to loving up to the legacy the Craze left behind is impressive enough but to bring something that will rival it is impressive to say the least.

Final Verdict: Driven Sports Frenzy

This is a great product. Do I think Frenzy is the most complete pre-workout on the market? No-not by a long mile. But Driven Sports have re-created that Craze focus and energy and that is the exact reason you are taking this product.

Get it here: Buy Frenzy

This is available for purchase with shipping available worldwide for just $9.95. This is a very exclusive product with limited distribution but we are a company for the people so if you need Frenzy we hook it up!

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