Dust V2 Energy Pre Workout Supplement Review


    Blackstone Labs Dust V2 is a very comprehensive stimulant based pre-workout product.
    If you're after a high-quality pre-workout supplement which is going to provide yourself with a consistent workout every time, this product is a definite must-try.



          Beta-Alanine is a great addition to any pre-workout supplement formula, the benefits of Bet-Alanine is that it buffers the build of hydrogen ions and removal of lactate from the muscle.

          You can expect a delay in fatigue, allowing for the ability to push harder and have an overall increase in performance over the duration of the session.


          L-Taurine is an excellent compound to add to any stimulant based pre-workout or fat-burning product, as it is excellent for cell hydration and allowing for improved nutrient delivery.

          Another benefit of L-Taurine is that it has been shown to improve mood enhancement, allowing for an overall increase in mental focus and a euphoric sense of wellbeing.

            L-Carnitine Tartrate

            This compound is great for overall physical and mental performance, expect an increase in your mentality and physical endurance after consuming this excellent compound.

              Citrulline Malate

              This ingredient has had outstanding proven benefits of increasing the consumer's muscular endurance, allowing for the consumer to sustain a high-level of performance throughout the training session.

              Another side-effect of Citrulline Malate consumption is that it allows for increased oxygenation of the blood cells, which leads to improved vasodilation of the muscle and some insane muscle pumps.

              N-Acetyl-L Tyrosine -

              N-Acetyl-L Tyrosine helps with mental focus, this compound is not a stimulant.

              So it minimising the chance of over-stimulation through too much consumption of stimulant based ingredients.

              Velvet Bean Extract

              This is an innovative ingredient and something you may not have heard before, Velvet Bean Extract promotes an increase in the production of Dopamine.
                Dopamine is the hormone which provides a euphoric happy feeling, this is why when you train on Dust V2, you feel great and you really enjoy your time training.

                Betaine Anhydrous

                Great for performance, this compound is very similar to Beta-Alanine in it promotes muscular endurance.

                Another benefit associated with Betaine Anhydrous is that it helps to boost muscle protein synthesis, this relates to the bodies ability to utilise and absorb protein as a source for recovery.

                  Agmatine Sulfate

                  Agmatine Sulfate is best known as a pump-based compound with its ability to promote vasodilation of the muscle, through the increase of blood flow to the working muscle.

                  This allows for an increase in the number of nutrients which can be delivered to the muscle, resulting in better quality pumps.

                      Di-Caffeine Malate + Caffeine Anhydrous

                      Di-Caffeine Malate is a slow release acting source of caffeine, you can generally feel the effects of Di-Caffeine Malate at about 90 mins to 2 hours.

                      It allows for a longer more sustained performance across the full duration of the training session.

                      Caffeine Anhydrous is a staple in any stimulant-based pre-workout blend, with the main benefits being increased mood, increased central nervous system stimulation, increase focus and a decrease in reaction time.

                      This very popular stimulant allow's the consumer to switch their mind on, and provide a euphoric feeling of energy.

                      These 2 ingredients allow for a great combination without leading to overstimulation and negative side effects in the form of jitters and a post-workout crash.


                        When you consume Dust V2, the feeling of energy you receive is excellent without being too over the top.

                        The combination of the Caffeine Anhydrous and Di-Caffeine Malate is excellent in that you have that initial burst of tunnel vision and then a sustained gradual feed of clean energy throughout the remainder of the session.

                        There is a definite presence of the Beta-Alanine, with a prominent tingling sensation and an obvious increase in muscular endurance.
                        Post workout, there was no feeling of a crash from the stimulant consumption but more of a gradual transition back into your normal self.

                        The pumps you will get from this high energy pre-workout are disgusting, the combination of Citrulline, Agmatine and L-Norvaline are epic.


                          Blackstone Labs - Dust V2 comes in 7 flavours Watermelon, Red Ice, Blue Sky, Cotton Candy, Black Lemonade, Pineapple, Sour Gummy Bears.

                          Mix-Ability is excellent, with a given with the standard and quality of the ingredients within this product.

                          All flavours across the range are delicious, with Blackstone really delivering in regards to there flavour formula's on this product particularly.

                          You will be hard-pressed to find a better tasting pre-workout on the market.

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