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EHPLabs have established themselves as a market leader with a reputation for making great products with the highest manufacturing standards.

It all started with an thermogenic fat burning supplement designed to boost energy and more importantly strip body fat.


Oxyshred: Product Formula

Oxyshred is a thermogenic fat burner and aims to elevate energy levels to push you through intense workouts and maximise fat loss at the same time.

The product formula is very sound with a blend of proven ingredients such as acetyl l-carnitine, African wild mango, CLA, raspberry ketones, green coffee bean extract,higenamine and chromium piccolinate. This hyper-lipolysis formula as EHP Labs refers to it is very effective and the dosing on the ingredients is also quite good. Please note dosing on the label is for 2 scoops of Oxyshred.

The other nice additions to this fat burner are the immune system support complex (glutamine and vitamin c) as well as the energy and focus blend which contains caffeine, taurine, and tyrosine. When combined with higenamine an carnitine this will provide a nice boost in energy and mental focus without being too over the top.

Why take Oxyshred?

Oxyshred is a great thermogenic blend and for supporting fat loss. This will not do the work for you but when you add this to a clean calorie/carb controlled diet and training program then it will certainly help accelerate your fat loss results or restart them if things have slowed down/stalled.

The dosing on ingredients is really quite good especially if you take this product twice per day as EHP Labs recommend. This is quite a low caffeine product which we really like so it can easily be used two times a day without issue and you could even use a pre-workout in addition to this pre-workout if you wanted a real kick.


Oxyshred Benefits:

  • Ample ingredient dosing
  • Better thermogenesis
  • Increased mental focus
  • Better energy without the jitters
  • Immune system support

Oxyshred Value for Money:

This is where this product really comes into its own with 60 serves per container for under $80. Grab a twin pack for under $150 and you have the best value for money fat burning supplement on the market hands down.

It comes in 6 flavours which are all really good (pink grapefruit is by the least popular and kiwi strawberry by far the most if you are struggling to choose) and not sickly sweet so you won’t get tired of it.

Even if using this twice a day as recommended the product is still going to last you a full month which is a fantastic value.

EHPLabs Oxyshred Review

Overall-this is a great fat burner. The formula is great, it has a nice immune system support complex (very important when dieting and often overlooked), flavours are great, the value is hard to beat and it’s pretty low in stimulants making it very versatile.

Sound perfect right? It is almost. Despite the fact, this is lower caffeine you do tend to have a little bit of a crash from the product about an hour or so after taking it. At we like to give you all the info and tell it straight so you can know what exactly what to expect from a product.

The only other ‘downside’ of EHPLabs Oxyshred Review is that it doesn’t really provide an energy ‘kick’. If you are waiting for the energy rush to hit you before going to the gym you may be rather disappointed. That being said the combination of tyrosine, caffeine, and carnitine to provide quite great mental focus.

If you are looking for a lower stim product to help you burn more body fat then we’d highly recommend checking out EHP Labs Oxyshred

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