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EHPlabs Oxysleep is the latest product offering from this super popular supplement company.

This is a dual purpose stimulant free fat burner and sleep aid supplement.

As the name suggests it has been formulated to help your body get a deeper, more restful sleep while promoting the use of fat as an energy source throughout the night.

Fast facts on Oxysleep:

  • Multi purpose product
  • Get a better quality of sleep
  • Suitable for anyone from beginner to advanced
  • Stacks with any other product in the EHPlabs range
  • Great value/flavours
  • Burn fat while you sleep

EHPlabs Oxysleep Formula

The formula is a what we call semi-transparent. It breaks down the categories and how much is in each one but it doesn't list out the exact amounts of each ingredient.

Deep Sleep Activator Blend

This is comprised of a high dose of ZMA. This is not only beneficial for sleep and relaxation but also has good data on its hormonal support benefits.

A standout in this blend is the 5-HTP. One of the most underrated sleep promoting ingredients this compound converts directly into serotonin in the body for a sense of well being and relaxation.

The addition of chamomile and valerian also provide a nice calming effect to help you get into sleep ready state.

Non Stim Thermogenic Booster

This is quite a comprehensive of well proven ingredients to stimulate your metabolic rate and release fat cells to be used as an energy use.

The addition of the chromium polynicotinate also helps to stabilize blood glucose levels and promote greater insulin sensitivity.

GH Release Catalysts

This is the real powerhouse section of this formula when it comes to sleep. If your goal is to get a deep,restful sleep then phenibut is the answer.

The calming effects of this are quite strong and will have you feeling calm,relaxed and ready to sleep in no time.

Alpha HICA helps to enhance the absorption of the other ingredients in the formula to ensure you're getting the maximum benefit.

Oxysleep Effects

This section is going to be focused on the sleep aid side of the product. The fat loss blend is a nice addition however if not combined with a caloric deficit diet plan fat loss will not occur-plain and simple.

In terms of the sleep this is a pretty good formula. It has a little bit of everything and offers quite good value for money.

As a stand alone sleep I have to be honest and say there are some more complete options available. That being said this would be a good entry level product or good choice if you were sensitive to sleep aids.


As always EHPlabs have done a great job with the flavours on this product.

Available in Peach Tea, Strawberry Daiquiri and Fuji Apple the flavours are true to their names and quite refreshing. Sleep aids aren't always the nicest thing to drink but this is quite good and you'll look forward to it each night you take it.

Please note: We'd recommend taking somewhat sparingly and only using a maximum of 5 nights per week.

EHPlabs Oxysleep is a comprehensive sleep aid/fat loss support product that offers a nice balance of proven ingredients,great flavours and good value for money.

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