Ghost Lifestyle Burn Fat Burner Review

Ghost Lifestyle, have finally come to the table in 2019 with a well rounded thermogenic fat burner!

Ghost Lifestyle is without a doubt one of the most socially active and successfully supplement brands in the industry in 2019. Sponsoring social media stars such as Rob Lipsett and Christian Guzman.

So when word came that they were releasing a fat burner to go alongside their already impressive lineup of pre-workouts, proteins and aminos it's no surprise social media when a little crazy!

Ghost Burn delivers a stacked up ingredient panel which is well dosed, well rounded and overall, very well thought out!

Ghost Burn Ingredients

Ghost Burn has a comprehensive ingredient panel. Notable ingredients that are must have in any good fat burner include 3000mg of their Carnitine blend, Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine Tartrate. Another big addition to Ghost Burn is 6-Paradol, a well studied and proven fat metabolising agent that is sure to have you burning additional calories.

In addition to these two, Ghost Burn also packs a punch with stimulants, boasting 300mg of caffeine, in addition to synephrine, Theobromine and NeuroFactor. This blend of stimulants is sure to boost your energy and focus allowing you to train harder and longer than before.

Lastly, Ghost Burn adds into the mix some well good doses of proven cognitive enhancers such as Tyrosine and Choline to increase mental focus and alertness during your training sessions or throughout the day.

Product Effects

The effects of Ghost Burn are quite pronounced, while it is not the strongest stimulant based thermogenic product on the market, it more than makes up for that in nootropic cognitive enhancers.

Supplementing with Ghost Burn users can expect to notice an increase in focus and energy, as well as suppression of appetite. Long-term when used in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet users can expect to experience weight loss.

Product Flavours

Ghost Lifestyle is well known for its outstanding flavours, and this product is no compromise to this. Its flavours include Mango, Green Apple and Warheads Sour Watermelon.

Who Is This Product For

Ghost Burn is a moderate stimulant thermogenic formula which is well suited for all users both males and females.

Final Take

Overall Ghost has put together a well dosed thermogenic formula. It boasts a good amount of carnitine for fat loss and has some well-dosed cognitive enhancers to leave users feeling on point all day long.

In addition to this, it also offers some unique thermogenic ingredients such as 6-paradol, which make it stand out from the crowd in a very saturated category.

Overall if you are a big fan of the Ghost Lifestyle brand and have been eager to try their latest release, you won't be disappointed!

Where To Buy

You can purchase ghost burn for $79.95 at Spartansuppz, click below to purchase yours now.

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