Ghost Lifestyle Ghost Amino Review


Ghost Amino is a compete intraworkout blend from the biggest trendsetters in the fitness industry.

Ghost is the worlds first fitness lifestyle nutrition company and they've set about creating more than just supplements.

Each product in the range is formulated & flavoured to be part of the fitness lifestyle and something you actually look forward to taking.


    Branched Chains Aminos - 2:1:1

      Branched Chain Aminos are considered the real workhorse in regards to increase muscle protein synthesis.

      This will allow for a decrease in the bodies ability to stop breaking down muscle tissue and start building it back up.

      This allows for an increase in the process, to allow the body to not have a catabolic and anabolic state.

      This is a scientifically proven dose with an ideal amount of 3 grams leucine using anything under 2:1:1

        Ghost Amino Acids

          L-Citrulline - 1000mg

            L-Citrulline is an excellent ingredient in relation to improving blood which can be directly related to oxygenation of the muscle.

            After consuming L-Citrulline, you can generally expect a gradual promotion in muscular endurance and therefore increase performance.

              Ghost Smart Hydration Blend


                  This comprehensive hydrating compound is excellent for hydrating the muscle in the effort to increase the consumer's overall performance. If hydration can stay at an optimal level then this can relate back to an increase in mental focus and cognition.

                    Organic Coconut Water Powder

                      Organic Coconut Water Powder has all the benefits of Coconut water without, the caloric load that comes with it.

                      Excellent source of sodium and potassium, which allow's for fluid to be transported back into the cell.
                      Coconut Water Powder also has a range of micro-nutrients such as calcium phosphorus which is naturally occurring and has been known to have a number of overall health benefits.


                          Colene can be extracted at 50% and at a dose of 150mg, is an essential source of fuel for the brain.
                          This provides an excellent feeling of mental clarity.

                            Flavours - Mix-Ability -

                              Ghost Lifestyle - Ghost Amino comes in 2 flavours - Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch.
                              Ghost lifestyle has become a real stand-out when it comes to flavour's, easily surpassing a number of its competitors and becoming a fan favourite within the Australian and American supplement industries.
                              When you consume the flavour Fruit Punch, you receive a delicious and very satisfying all day + intra-workout supplement.
                              With it being not too over-powering, but just on-point!

                                Value For Money

                                In relations to value for money, you can purchase Ghost Lifestyle - Ghost Amino online from or in-store at any Spartansuppz Store Location for $69.95 and has 30 serves making it $2.33/serve.

                                The value for money when it comes to Ghost Amino's is outstanding, you get a very comprehensive Amino Blend which is going to supercharge you're daily and post-workout recovery.
                                The added benefit of a number of the hydrating compound work's very synergistically with ensuring that the consumer is able to achieve a high standard of performance throughout the full duration of the session and post workout.

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