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Ghost Lifestyle Ghost Size Pre Workout Review

Ghost Size is a muscle building product from the biggest trendsetters in the fitness industry Ghost Lifestyle.
This combines proven ingredients in researched amounts to provide your body with the fuel it needs to perform better and fast-track your progress.


Creatine HCL & Creatine Monohydrate -

Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most studied forms of creatine, both forms of creatine have been proven to increase muscle strength and power. Help the capacity for the consumer to build muscle mass and the rate in which the consumer can recover from the session.

Betaine -

Has a primary function of increasing muscle power in the form of recycling energy. Another side effect of consuming Betaine is the ability to increase protein synthesis, this will speed up the rate at which muscle can be repaired.

Betaine is known for being one of the most effective muscle-building ingredients being utilised in the supplement industry, with amazing clinical data over a number of studies.

Beta-Alanine -

Beta-Alanine is used to buffer the build-up of hydrogen ions, which is more commonly known as lactic acid. This is going to allow the consumer the ability to push themselves harder for longer, this will result in more stimulation of the muscle and an increase in performance.

Epicatechin -

This ingredient is great for limiting the amount of myostatin, this limits the ability for the consumer to gain muscle growth.
Another benefit of epicatechin is that it can produce great muscle pumps. This ingredient has been used in a number of non-stimulant pump products.

Astrogen -

This ingredient is in the form of a digestive enzyme, this will have profound benefits of the absorption of nutrients.
The higher rate of absorption will allow for an increase in the capacity each nutrient can be utilised and play a role in performance for the consumer.

The dose of estrogen within Ghost size is also a large dose of the ingredient, which is a great addition to this formula.

Effects -

Ghost Size is an innovative muscle building supplement which allows for increases in muscle power, muscle recovery, and muscle endurance. In addition to these 3 very important performance-boosting factors, Ghost size also helps to boost absorption and cell volumization.

When consuming Ghost Size you'll witness first hand the increased ability to lift more weights at a higher volume and intensity.

Best taken -

We would recommend taking Ghost Size once per day before training. This muscle building product works great alongside Ghost Legend pre-workouts.

We would recommend when consuming this product to consume a substantial amount of water, this will increase the benefits and effects of each nutrient and result in a higher level of performance.

Flavours -

Ghost Size comes in 1 flavour - Neutral.
This product has a nice balanced taste but will stack well with anything.
It is very versatile in that it has the ability to be able to be absorbed by any flavours, you could mix this product with your aminos, pre-workouts, proteins.

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