Ghost Lifestyle - Ghost Legend Pre-Workout Supplement Review

Ghost Lifestyle Review
This is a complete pre-workout, which has is in stupidly high demand, one of the most requested products. We are waiting for ghost to hit the Australian shores for quite some time now. Very excited to have the product range available. In particular, the legend which is the fastest selling product.

L-Citrulline - 4000mg
This is the best kind, it is a very effective dose which helps to increase muscular endurance. One side effect to that is that it results in great muscle pumps, which give you that full pump feeling. So really thick and juicy pumps. So your basically going to be able to do more work, go harder for longer and helps to promote the actual oxygenation of blood and that's your carrying molecule for nutrients. Very cool compound and has a very cool synergistic effect with endurance and on pumps.

Beta-Alanine - 2000mg
Helps to buffer lactic acid, specifically hydrogen ions or known as lactic acid. So that's gonna be when you hit that wall and get that burning sensation in the muscles. Your fatigue is setting in, it's telling your body to stop and Beta-Alanine helps to push that threshold so like raising your ability to keep performing and push yourself harder for longer. The clinical dose is 3.2grams so we've got a decent amount of it here but could be better absolutely but we've got about 2/3rds of the dose.

Agmatine Sulfate - 500mg
Agmatine sulfate is a decarboxylated form of Arginine, which is much more concentrated and more faster acting. An effective dose is anywhere from 250 - 1000mg, so right in the middle there right beside the Citrulline is quite good because they are extremely complementary with one and another and it's a great vasodilator which opens up the blood vessels. Where the Citrulline is more an ingredient which allows the blood vessels to thicken with oxygenated blood, this opens the road networks so it can be delivered to the actual muscle.

Norvaline - 100mg
Norvaline helps to prevent Arginase, Arginase which breaks down the compounds such Agmatine and Citrulline so think of it as a defender it allows the A team to actually do there job effectively without being broken down.

Ghost Smart Energy Blend -
Taurine - 1000mg
Taurine is a great hydrating nutrient, helps with cellular performance and helps with muscular endurance indirectly and isn't a bad mental focus aid as well. Taurine is a great addition to anything stimulant containing because typically stimulants act as a mild diuretic, so this helps to keep you hydrated and on point. Taurine is a very common amino acid, but we do need a lot of it so 1000mg is a whopping dose and a great addition to this product.
Caffeine Blend - 237mg Yield
Which is made of 200mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, 50mg of Di-Caffeine Malate. So this split is going to give you the bulk of your energy. Caffeine Anhydrous is your fast acting and kicks in quick in about 5-10 minutes you feel it going, its gonna give you a fast burst of energy and its going to last for about 30-90 minutes and the Di-Caffeine Malate is a very small dose, so i don't think its definitely gonna promote an extended workout performance but it will help prevent you from crashing. High amounts of caffeine, like whatever goes up must come down and if you're having a huge amount of it there is a gonna be a drop after that time period when the caffeine starts to wear off. So this really smooths of that transition, the amount of caffeine is not crazy but its a good amount to increase performance, typically pre-workouts are at 0 or 300+ so the effective amount of caffeine is anywhere between 150mg to 300mg max after that its sort of just extra for the sake of being extra so its not really any more beneficial such as decreasing reaction times and decreasing and increasing your central nervous system performance and stimulation. I like the amount in here and i like how it's not to crazy.

Bitter Orange Fruit Extract - 50mg (Synephrine)
This component is excellent for mood enhancement, which results in a real clean energy, really happy and it kicks in really fast and it's a good central nervous stimulant as well which will get you really fired up and feeling good. So when you're in a good mood, it helps to get rid of some of the anxieties that can be associated with high amounts of caffeine so this incorporated with caffeine is a great combination and it is also a mind thermogenic so it gets you riled up and ready to go.

Theobromine - 50mg
Is a lower acting sort of caffeine which gives a nootropic sort of effect, so its a source of anti-oxidants and it does have a little bit of yield of caffeine but it is an extremely tiny amount. We are talking a few mg, and it's going to give you a sustained release of a natural source of energy as well, again not a huge contributor to the workout itself but will contribute to not crashing and give you a nice smooth transition back to your normal self after your workout.

Olive Leaf Extract - (40%) 50mg
This is really beneficial for mental focus and improving the function of the brain and also cardiovascular benefits and down to the effectiveness of it, I wouldn't say that its a dramatic one. It is sometimes evident in some fat burners. Its not a bad addition to the product but there just isn't a huge amount of data on the ingredient to say how effective it is with it being more anecdotal than scientific but it definitely doesn't hurt as it comes from olive oil which has been known to have a lot of heart and health benefits as well as containing fatty acids. So there are some logical partisans there. As to the effect on performance, I think it is somewhat negligible.

NADH 10% - 2.5mg
This helps with the improvement of energy production and cells, so cellular NAD levels help improve cellular function so this is a cool addition to the formula and you don't see it very often in anything. So NAD is sort of the supercell for anything to perform and function at an optimal level.

Effects/Interactions -
So it is quite a comprehensive product you have muscular energy, increase performance, delayed fatigue, you've got some great pump ingredients which are very synergistic. You've got hydration and you've definitely got a very comprehensive stimulant and mood enhancement blend and you've got some nootropic agents in there as well.

Flavours/Taste -
It comes in a lemon-lime, red berry, warhead sour watermelon, so this is a partnership with warheads. Very cool, Ghost are innovators, so they think outside the box and its very much a lifestyle brand and not your typical rubbish product like the other lifestyle brands. They also have some of the dopest packagings around, this is somewhere between street art and graphic design and it's very cool. Its got the ghost label on there.

Mix-Ability -
So where gonna mix 1 scoop of this warhead sour watermelon and add it to our shaker with 500 ml of water. It has a nice candy pink flavour, very watermelon. Abit cloudy with the mixability but to be expected with the amount of Citrulline in there. It smells amazing, it's more of a tangy. A nice sort of tangy aftertaste and like leaves your mouth and gets a little bit more sour with that squinty lemon effect to it. That is a very cool flavour. Very well done with the flavour, very innovative flavour.

Value for money - The flavours are really good, the powder is very fine. You can tell they have put a lot of thought and care went into this product, the packaging, the design, the ingredients, with every detail to make sure that you have the best user experience when you pick up a tub of this ghost legend. So 10 points in terms of branding and packaging and customer experience. In terms of the effects, I did not expect quite as much from this but the workouts were good but it doesn't blow your head off with the stimulant level not being crazy but it does hit pretty hard. But I do think people have become a bit immune to these high stimulant products it almost influences negatively on the mind-muscle connection and there is such as too much of a good thing. I think the caffeine level is at a great amount, which means you can have it consistently and get those tingles from this product was unreal from the Beta-Alanine. Muscular endurance was fantastic and the pumps were really really good. I love the synergistic effect of the Citrulline, Agmatine and Norvaline combo. Norvaline is probably one of the most unutilized ingredients when it comes to nitric oxide and getting the most effect out of it. Most people just boost the Agmatine but its definitely not nearly as effective. This is a very intelligent and synergistic way of creating a really beneficial effect with a better delivery of the desired effect. I think its a nice break from the super high stim products

So if you're looking for a really well-rounded product, which isn't an entry-level product and is between a c4 and a total war

Personal Feedback
Dose with a good base of performance-boosting ingredients, but it's not going to be to in your face like a number of high stimulant pre-workouts. So you can still have this most day a week and your ability to stack this with just about anything, ghost have a pump formula that they are about to bring out and at the moment you can definitely stack this with ghost size. It provides you with a massive dose of Beta-Alanine, and a very comprehensive product. Value is fantastic in terms of value for money it's $69.95 for 30 serves. Given whats in it in regards to ingredients, the value seems on point. I think when you pick up a tub of this you get that touch and feel experience, so when you grab a tub of this in-store or online at Spartansuppz your gonna appreciate the amount of effort and thoughtfulness that went into this product. It is a very high quality and well-done product, probs to ghost on this I think there branding and packaging and influence on consumers is fantastic and they are really making a positive impact on their consumers. I definitely enjoyed training on this product and its a nice change to having a very high stimulant product and you don't feel guilty for taking it. All in all, I'm a massive fan of the ghost legend stimulant pre-workout.

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