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High Performance Nutrition (HPN) is a sports supplement brand based out of Costa Mesa California. They have a slightly different approach to supplements focusing on natural alternatives and only using the finest,researched ingredients that are NSF certified.

PA(7) is a natural muscle building supplement that is a real game changer in the sports supplement field.

How Does HPN PA(7) work?

Each serve of PA(7) contains 1500mg of Mediator phosphatidic acid. This works to optimise your bodies process of building and repairing skeletal muscle tissue.

It does this my triggering the mTor receptors to up regulate protein synthesis. Protein synthesis refers to the rate at which your body can convert protein/amino acids into muscle tissue. The higher this rate the faster you grow & recovery.

This is not just some flashy herb or root extract-the research on this was conducted in a double blind study and published in the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

You can read the full study here.

This effectively increases your natural muscle building capacity and accelerates the process.

Subjects in the study increase amino acid uptake by up to 66.7% & up to a 200% increase in lean muscle over those who train intensely without PA(7)!

If you're a natural lifter you know that is some incredible progress!

How Do I Use it for Best Results?

The advantage of this product is that is works as a nutrient partitioner driving nutrients into the cell where they are needed most.

With that in mind the ideal time to take it is 30-60 minutes before your weight training workout that day.

We recommend taking 1 serve (4 capsules) alongside your pre-workout meal about an hour before your workout.

This is 100% NSF certified and safe for anyone to use,even females.

This is also non-hormonal

What to Expect

As this works at the cellular level this isn't something you really 'feel' going to work but you can certainly feel the effects.

You'll notice you have more drive during training and feel like there's more fuel in the tank to perform better.

Weights will start feeling a bit lighter than normal and you're ability to recover is going to increase.

Diet for Maximum Gains

This triggers mTor to up regulate protein synthesis so it's critical you take in sufficient protein to maximise this benefit.

For best results we'd recommend eating 2-3gm of protein per/kg of body weight.

Recommended supplements would include a high quality protein powder such as Pro Zero or R1 Protein along with a intra-workout supplement like Primeval Labs Intracell 7.

You know we keep it real as Spartansuppz and you'll always get a straight up honest answer on any product. There's a lot of underwhelming products in this muscle building category-but HPN PA(7) is most certainly not one of them.

If your goal is to get bigger/stronger/faster then you SHOULD be taking this product to get there faster.

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