Overview -

Insane Labz Nightmare is a highly potent sleep aid formula and is becoming an Australian favourite!

We all know how to import it is to get a good nights sleep to recover, but this is often easier said than done. Nightmare has been formulated to get you to sleep and allow yourself to have the deepest most beneficial sleep you possibly can.

Ingredients -

Nightmare Blend -


This ingredient promotes a relaxing and calming mindset for the consumers.

This is going to create a great transition by slowing down thinking and helping the transition into the sleep-ready state that will allow you to have a great night sleep.
The dose of GABA in Nightmare is at a full clinical dose.

Another side effect is that it is great for optimising and increasing natural growth hormone production.

Lemon Barm Extract -

This ingredient is known to have benefit in relation to reducing stress, the compound allows for a calming down effect which will allow for the consumer to become relaxed and transition into that sleep-ready state.

This ingredient works very synergistically with GABA in creating that calming down effect, this ingredient is great for individuals who train later on in the day. As this compound will help blunt the stimulation created by a training session.

Lavender Extract 4:1 -

This ingredient is heavily used in Eastern Medicine, it creates a calming and soothing side effect when consumed by the body.

Another ingredient which works very synergistically when consumed with a number of ingredients within Nightmares formula.

Arginine -

This is a concentrated form of Arginine so you don't have to take as much of it, it's major benefit is to increase growth hormone production, circulation and regulating blood levels. This relates back to inducing a calming effect for the consumer.

Circulation and blow flow are crucial for moving nutrients around the body, so Arginine plays a major role in increasing the efficiency of nutrient delivery to the working muscle.

Taurine -

Benefits of taurine involve increasing the production of GABA, to help decrease stimulation and transition into the sleep-ready state.

Taurine is also great for cell hydration and can be heavily depleted during high-intensity training sessions, incorporating a supplement form of taurine into the formula is a great addition to any sleep aid.

OxyGold -

This ingredient is essential for increasing the rate at which ingredients are broken down, utilised and absorbed more effectively. This ensures's that the consumer can get the maximal effect from each and every compound within Nightmare.


Nightmare comes in 1 flavour: Lemonade

The flavour is very similar to a traditional lemonade flavour, and if you're a big fan of lemonade flavours, you will love this product. This is just another addition to the long list of insanely great flavouring products Insane Labz has to offer.

Effects -

Consuming Nightmare 30 minutes before you wish to sleep, will induce a very calming sensation. The compound GABA creates a calming euphoric sensation which flows through your body. This evidence show's the degree to how effective Nightmare can be on producing a sleep-ready state and the gradual transition into a deeply restful night sleep.

If you're someone who prides themselves on working long hours and is highly active during the day, Nightmare is definitely the product for you. This sleep aid allows for the consumer to start the recovery process more efficiently, resulting in optimal function and recovery time in the future.

With the absence of any lethargic feelings the next morning, Nightmare allow's for optimal rest, recover and produces a sharp mindset for optimal performance.

Nightmare works on a very consistent level, producing a great effect week in week out.

When consuming Insane Labz, we would recommend taking half a scoop to start off with to assess effects.

Value for money

This product is a 30 serve product instead of the regular 25, so that is 66 cents per serve.

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