#Pre Insane Labz Energy Pre Workout Review


This is Insane Labz hit new pre-workout, which is the updated version of the already notorious Psychotic.
This high energy pre-workout has a very comprehensive blend full of ingredients which have been proven to increase performance and ensure that you have an insane workout every time.


Beta - Alanine - 3.2 grams

Beta-Alanine is known best for its ability to buffer hydrogen ions, this has been known to prevent the build-up of lactate.

Lactate is a marker of fatigue, which means that it is the point at which your ability to perform starts to drop.
So the incorporations of Beta-Alanine into this formula will allow the consumer to push themselves harder for longer, leading to more muscular endurance and recuperation during sets.

This reduction in accumulative fatigue during the workout will allow for a higher capacity of work rate capacity for a longer duration of time, resulting in more stimulation within the muscle

Agmatine Sulfate -

Agmatine Sulfate is another excellent addition to the #pre blend, this compound acts as a vasodilator, which has been scientifically proven to increase nitric oxide production.

The benefits of nitric oxide production allow for the widening of the blood vessel, meaning that more blood can be pumped to the working muscle.

If you're after some juicy pumps, this is the ingredient you want to be in the formula.
In addition to this better blood circulation to the working muscle has been known to increase the overall performance of the consumer.

L-Taurine - 1 gram

L-Taurine is best known for its ability to hydration the muscle, but also has great benefits in having the ability to numb the senses.
This relates to numb the pain receptors, pushing yourself harder for longer and generating more stimulation within the muscle and an overall better performance.

Betaine Anhydrous - 1 gram

This compound is a very underrated ingredient within the supplement industry, with its excellent ability to improve muscle power through the increased production of carnosine.

Betaine Anhydrous also has been beneficial post workout, stimulate muscle protein synthesis post-workout.

    Caffeine Anhydrous - 250 mg

    Caffeine Anhydrous is known as the fast-acting form of caffeine, you can generally start to feel the hit of within 30 - 90 minutes of consumption.

    If you're after an ingredient which is going to get you fired up, increase mental focus, increased mental clarity, improve reaction time then this is definitely the ingredient you for you.

    The dose is not over the top and won't leave the consumer feeling anxious or jittery.

    Ampi-Berry - 150 mg

    Ampi-Berry is a trademarked ingredient which is owned by Insane labz, this innovative new ingredient works to amplifier the effects of ingredients within the formula in particular stimulants.

    This compound allows for greater effects of stimulants, without over-working the central nervous system.
    This leads to a much smoother delivery of energy and eliminates any jitters and crash post-workout.

    Cocoteanol - 50mg

    This innovative compound has the ability to improve the consumer's sense of well-being, releasing a smooth calming energy.

    This source of anti-oxidants will help in the reducing stress which has resulted from exercise.
    Combined with stimulants and Ampi-Berries, this combination will leave you feeling very sharp.


    This ingredient is more commonly known as di-caffeine malate, this form of caffeine has a delayed response of energy.
    This means that it is a slower acting energy source, you can usually expect to start feeling this source of energy at around 60 minutes after consumption.

    A great benefit to this compound is that it allows a nice smooth transition back to your normal self.

    Caffeine Citrate - 50mg

    This form of caffeine is a super fast-acting energy source, which you can expect to feel it instantly.
    Providing the consumer with a great sense of well-being and alertness without any negative side effects.


    #pre comes in 3 flavours - Water Bomb, Candy Bomb, Blue Bomb.

    You can notice that the powder of #Pre is super fine with the Mix-Ability of this comprehensive pre-workout to be at a very high standard.

    In regards to flavours, when consuming Blue Bomb.
    You can expect a very delicious tasting pre-workout supplement, with the taste best described as tropical blue lemonade.


    This new pre-workout by Insane Labz has ticked all the boxes, with a very comprehensive formula.
    Allowing for the ability to delay fatigue, improve energy, improve focus, enhance pump.
    Something to mention with #pre is that it is not crazy in regards to caffeine,

    Not a whole lot missing within this pre-workout supplement, the only exception to this would be the addition of some glycerol to help with the pump.
    But #pre can also be stacked alongside Insane Labz's Pump formula - Insane Veinz

    Value for Money

    Insane Labz #Pre is a 30 serves pro and you can purchase it for $69.95, this equals to 2.33 per serve which is on point for value for money considering how comprehensive it is.
    Our view is that this particular product is more comprehensive than it's older brother Insane Labz Psychotic with fewer stimulants.
    But if you're looking for a product which tick's all the necessary boxes in the form of energy, focus, pumps this is the product for you.
      This pre-workout would be more suited to an individual who has a lower tolerance to caffeine.

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