Kaged Muscle - Intra-Kaged Intra-Workout Supplement Review

Ingredients -
Muscle Fuel Matrix 2:1:1 (5g)
L-Leucine (fermented) - 2.5g
L-Isoleucine (fermented) - 1.25g
L-Valine (fermented) - 1.25g
2:1:1 is the proven ratio when it comes to stimulated muscle protein stimulus, so that's preventing the breakdown of protein synthesis and starting the rebuild process. When you train you to induce catabolism, there isn't a neutral switch for this scale. It's either catabolism or anabolism, what we are trying to do is push that back up to the anabolic side, so that you can build some muscle and this is exactly the purpose for branched chain amino's. These are also fermented branch chains as well, and typically you won't see these in other products because they are expensive because they are excellent quality and they do tend to break down a lot better which results in less foaming.

Endura-Pump Matrix -
L-Citrulline (fermented) - 3g
This is not Citrulline Malate, this is pure L-Citrulline and this is going to help to buffer the lactic acid and help to improve muscular endurance and give you amazing pumps. Now, 3g is a big dose, usually, you might see 3g of Citrulline Malate which you wouldn't yield and take in as much of the actual L-Citrulline but when it's in its purest form that's a pretty big dose. Now it's going to help you keep pushing for longer and help to keep that lactate threshold down and allow your body to perform at a higher rate. In addition to that because it is oxygenated blood and improving the blood volume it's going to help with the delivery of the nutrients as well. Which is something that is often overlooked which is actually getting the ingredients to the muscle where you actually want them.

Carnosyn (beta-alanine) - 1.6g
The proven researched amount of Beta-Alanine and maximum dosage is 3.2 grams, so the other half of this dose is in the Pre-Kaged pre-workout. So combined you are actually getting the clinical dose of Beta-Alanine and the idea is that you can take both as they do compliment each other really well. Beta-Alanine helps to buffer lactic acid, so it buffers hydrogen ions specifically which stop your body from being able to work. This pushes that limit which damages and stimulates more muscle tissue, 1.6g even on its own is still a good dose. And it is, without doubt, one of the most proven ingredients and effective ingredients in buffering fatigue. Next up with have some Coconut water powder, I am a big fan of the Coconut water powder because it is extremely nutrient rich and not only is it naturally sourced, as a food source. But its very rich in Sodium, Potassium and some other nutrients like Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium as well. These nutrients are going to most importantly keep you hydrated but also keep you healthy and keep your system in check as well. So what has been noted across all of the Kaged Muscle products is that they are meant to improve health and performance, not just produce amazing workouts but supporting that optimal state of health. So its a very comprehensive and intelligently formulated product.

Taurine - 1g
Taurine is excellent for muscular endurance and it's really effective for mental performance as well as it plays a big role in that. Taurine's great in that it's a stand out ingredient for preventing dehydration as well and keep your muscle's full and hydrated.

L-Tyrosine - 500mg
500mg is a good dose of L-Tyrosine but if taken alongside Pre - Kaged you've got even more of that in there. L-Tyrosine is excellent for mental focus and helping to establish/sustain that mind-muscle connection and it's also a neurotransmitter which allows your body to send more signals and have a better focus.

PurCaf - 124mg (Organic Coffee Beans)
So it is a naturally sourced organic green coffee bean extract, so it's super concentrated. It's very clean and it's actually plant sourced, with most caffeine being synthetic. This is absolutely not synthetic, it is 100% vegan organic super caffeine and it's also very clean. You get about 90% or a little over 100mg and it's going to give you a little bit of an energy boost to stay on point so that you don't fade throughout your workout and you stay consistent. So instead of getting to that halfway mark, you keep going forward. So we've got stimulating the muscle anabolism with the Branched Chain Amino Acids in there, you've got the pump and muscular endurance with the L-Citrulline and your Beta-Alanine. You've got the hydration from the Coconut Water Powder and finally a few stimulants and energy to keep you on point. Caffeine is a great performance boosting and I'm glad that they have utilised it because it works well but I like that it hasn't been overdone.

Flavours -
This comes in 2 flavours with the Cherry Lemonade and the Watermelon, so mix this up with 500ml of water. This product is flavoured naturally with stevia as a sweetener, as only the highest quality ingredients are being sourced for this product. So the colour has a nice little pink tinge to it and what is amazing about this is that it is mixed fantastically with the tiniest little bit of foam but basically nothing. Another thing about this product is after you drink it, there is no residue also so all those Branched Chain Amino's which are sticking to the side aren't going to waist. This product really does mix fantastically because they use the best fermented Branched Chain Amino's, the flavour does taste really good. I would call it a natural watermelon, it has a nice sort of sweet candy tasting watermelon to it. It doesn't taste like a fake sort of synthetic Watermelon. It has a slight bitterness at the start but the aftertaste is amazing so very impressive. That is definitely very drinkable. So 10 points on the flavour, especially considering how much active ingredients are actually in this product and they have done a really good job to the flavour that so well.

Effects -
What I find with this product is that you can go a little bit harder than you would expect, typically an intra-workout is Branch Chains and not a whole lot else and this is a very well thought out product and they have addressed all elements. So they have got pumps performance, recirculating blood flow that muscular endurance and a little bit of caffeine in there to give you that little bit of mental kick up the butt to keep yourself for pushing harder for longer. I find that when I take the In-Kaged especially when it's alongside the Pre-Kaged are consistently better and you get that slightly higher threshold and you feel like you have a bit more in the tank and your actually primed for performance. As you notice of the Pre-Kaged it says it is a primer and that is actually what is actually what this combination does and allows yourself to perform at a higher level. Definitely, a fan of Kaged Muscle products and they are very well thought out, you can tell by the formula that this product is made for health and performance and not for profit because and only the best is being used and if you want to be the best and get the best for your body you should give it the best and this is exactly what is and it is very, very, very well put together. Typically you do have a good 30-45 minutes worth of solid training and then you start to slow down and get a bit tired but with this amount of hydration, muscular endurance and that little bit of extra stim kick without being to crazy. It feels like a continuing clean energy which is lasting for longer. If you were looking for something as a Pre/Intra type product this definitely ticks all the boxes the energy, the focus, the muscular endurance and the pump in there as well and you really couldn't ask for more in an intra workout product.

Value for money -
Becuase of the ingredients, it is a little bit on the expensive side with 59.95 for 20 serves with typically you would see 30 serves for that price but given the addition to the L-Citrulline, the L-Tyrosine and the Taurine and the dosing of those ingredients. If you want to compare this product to a lot of other products in the market, compare the serving size and look at the amount of active ingredients and if they have got 5-6 grams of the total active ingredient and if they have got 5-6 grams of total ingredients this has 17 grams of and you can really see why the price is that little bit more but I don't think the price is really that bad. It's pretty much $3 per serve, so it is a little bit more expensive but when you factor in what you get in it the value for money is actually really good so it's not the cheapest product and it's not meant to be a dollar per serve budget amino acid and this is a high-quality product.

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