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Redcon1 Isotope Lean Protein Supplement Review

Supplement Review

Redcon1 Isotope is an ultra-clean whey protein isolate (WPI).

When it comes to the best protein source for building lean muscle and promoting recovery whey protein is seen as the king.

More specifically whey protein isolate is the best kind of whey protein.

WPI is naturally very high in protein and also very low in carbohydrates, fat & lactose.


    We have 3 grams of Carbohydrates which 1.5 grams are sugars, with 25 grams of proteins.
    Isotope is a very high protein, very low carb and fat protein blend.
    Isotope is a very clean WPI, it has 2 different sources of WPI and contains the cleanest, leanest protein source's there is.

    The quality of these sources of ingredients is fantastic with a high standard of filtration to ensure only the best protein sources.
      Isotope is very low in lactose with very low sugar content.

      This product would be excellent if you have a slight tolerance to lactose but if you are super lactose intolerant then it would be a better choice to choose a dairy-free protein blend.

      Hydrolyzed isolate is even faster absorbing and is very suitable to have around training time and another time is to have it during the morning.


        WPI and Hyrdo WPI are extremely fast-digesting and rapidly assimilating very small particles, so its got heaps of naturally occurring branch chains with an excellent rate of recovery.

        If you're after a protein supplement which is going to kickstart your recovery process post-training then this is a definite must-try, you can expect a definite minimization of DOMS when properly implemented into your training regime.


        Redcon1 Isotope comes in 5 flavours - Chocolate, Vanilla, Choc Mint Ice Cream, Cake Batter, Peanut Butter Chocolate.

        The powder is very fine and you can tell that it is to a very high quality

        The texture to Redcon1 - Isotope is a silky-smooth protein with a very nice creamy velvety texture about it.

        All the flavours are delicious, the most impressive flavour would be Chocolate Mint Ice Cream.
        We would definitely recommend getting your hands on this lean WPI, the best-flavoured protein supplement products you will have had in your life.

        Value for Money

        If you are to purchase Redcon1 - Isotope you can purchase it from $69.95 with 30 serves to make it $2.33 cents per serve.

        For a WPI with a 2-pound size, the value for money is pretty much at standard.

        The 5-pound size allows for a price per serve close to the $1.50 mark for 25 grams of premium value isolate which is some amazing quality.

        We would recommend having this product in the morning to make sure that you are having a protein source during breakfast and immediately post-workout.

        Where To Buy

        You can buy Redcon1 Isotope by clicking below, order before 3pm AEST to get same-day shipping!

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