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Kaged Muscle In Kaged by Kris Gethin is without doubt one of the most complete supplement lines on the market today.

If you know anything you this man you know he doesn't take any shortcuts when it comes to creating the optimal formulas.

Kris has travelled with world to research and find the best quality raw ingredients to be used in the Kaged Muscle supplement line.

He demands the best and this starts with having the best possible raw ingredients to utilise in the products.

Product highlights:

  • Highest quality ingredient sources
  • Clinically proven dosages of ingredients
  • Only research backed ingredients
  • Banned substance free

Product Formula

Kaged Muscle have sparred no expense when formulated this intra-workout supplement.

Let's breakdown the ingredients and tell you what they do:

Branched Chain Amino Acids 5000mg: This is the most important element of any good intra-workout recovery supplement. These are the specific amino acids that stimulate protein synthesis and tell the body to stop breaking down muscles and start building them back up again. A vital stage of the recovery process the proven ratio and dosage has been used in this product for optimal results.

L-Citrulline 3000mg: This promotes the oxygenation of blood cells to promote increased muscular endurance and better recovery in between sets. Citrulline is also excellent for muscle pumps. The dosing here is right at the maximum effective amount so the effects are very pronounced.

Beta-Alanine 1600mg: Without doubt one of the most effective and well researched amino acids to delay fatigue and improve muscular endurance. Beta-alanine buffers the build of hydrogen ions which cause muscular fatigue. This means you can push yourself harder for longer.

Neuro Energy Matrix: A blend of high dosed taurine, l-tyrosine and PurCaf caffeine this is designed to improve mental focus. A nice little kick and focus blend to help keep you in the zone while you kill your workout.


This is what stands out about this product for us. Every ingredient is the highest quality sources, efficaciously dosed and the ingredients provide a synergistic performance based effect.

Nothing has been skimped on and each and every ingredient has a very specific purpose.


At present this is available in Cherry Lemonade and Watermelon. The flavours are good but to be honest Cherry Lemonade isn't a very Australian sort of flavour. Hopefully we'll see a little more variety in the not too distant future.

Spartansuppz Verdict on Kaged Muscle In Kaged

This product contains everything you need to train, perform, focus and recover in a single serve. This is a very comprehensive product and everything in the tub if dosed for optimal performance.

If you're looking for a great intra-workout to take alongside Pre-Kaged then this would be a great option.

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