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Kaged Muscle Pre Kaged by Kris Gethin is without doubt one of the most complete pre-workouts supplements on the market.

One look at the monstrous 31.9gm serve on this product and you know this a very complete product. Everything in this product has been carefully hand picked and sourced using only the finest ingredients.

Kris has travelled with world to research and find the best quality raw ingredients to be used in the Kaged Muscle supplement line.

He demands the best and this starts with having the best possible raw ingredients to utilise in the products.

Product highlights:

  • Highest quality ingredient sources
  • Clinically proven dosages of ingredients
  • Only research backed ingredients
  • Banned substance free

Product Formula

Kaged Muscle have sparred no expense when formulated this pre-workout supplement.

Let's breakdown the ingredients and tell you what they do:

L-Citrulline 6500mg: This promotes the oxygenation of blood cells to promote increased muscular endurance and better recovery in between sets. Citrulline is also excellent for muscle pumps. The dosing here is right at the maximum effective amount so the effects are very pronounced.

BCAA Matrix: This combines 3500mg of BCAA's in a proven 2:1:1 ratio with an additional 3000mg l-leucine. The purpose of these is not not only fuel performance but also provide your muscles the nutrients they need to signal muscle protein synthesis during training. BCAA's provide the anabolic signaling power required to maximise muscle growth and performance in the gym.

Endura Burn Matrix: Combining a blend of patented carnosyn beta-alanine, natural betaine and creatine hcl this is a very complete formula. These three ingredients are effectively dosed to increase muscle strength, power and endurance while you train.

When it comes to elevating performance there's no ingredients more proven than these three and they have a very synergistic effect when combined together.

Hydrate & Defend Matrix: With a blend of coconut water powder and Kaged Muscle's Spectra blend. This is a collection of fruits, vegetables and phytonutrients to promote better general health, keep your adrenal system in check, stay hydrated and also fight free radicals.

This is something that really sets Pre Kaged apart from the crowd. A truly innovative product aimed at not only increasing results that workout but also priming recovery and repeat workout performance as well.

Neuro-Focus Matrix: This section combines high doses taurine, tyrosine and patented purcaf caffeine.

Everything here has been clinically dosed for amazing mental focus/cognition. The caffeine is at the researched dose to increase performance, and not a milligram more. More caffeine isn't better and this has been dosed accordingly with the highest quality source.


This is what stands out about this product for us. Every ingredient is the highest quality sources, efficaciously dosed and the ingredients provide a synergistic performance based effect.

Nothing has been skimped on and each and every ingredient has a very specific purpose.


At present this is available in Krisp Apple and Fruit Punch. Flavours are clean, not too sweet and very drinkable.

It's obvious everything with Kaged Muscle is done to a very high standard and the flavouring on this line is no exception.

Spartansuppz Verdict on Kaged Muscle Pre Kaged

This product is very hard to fault. This pre-workout is dosed with everything your body needs to train, perform and recover all in a single serve. Not just a performance product, but a complete health product to train well but also to get over it and continue to progress.

A true all in one pre-workout.

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