Killer Labz Terminator Test Review


Killer Labz Terminator Test is a very comprehensive testosterone enhancing product.

If you, after gaining some serious muscle, improving your explosive strength or just improving your overall sense of well-being, Terminator test is king.

Terminator Test has been strategically formulated to include only the most effective ingredients in their clinical dosages.


Vitamin D3 1000iu

A fat-soluble vitamin that has been shown by science to have a positive impact on improving testosterone levels. It is common for men deficient in Vitamin D3 to have low testosterone levels.

Zinc Aspartate 5mg

Plays a pivotal role in testosterone conversion. Low levels of zinc have been attributed to increasing aromatisation rates and an increase in the number of estrogen receptors.

Testosterone & Libido Matrix 500mg

Consisting of Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium & Mucuna Pruiens, these compounds work synergistically to boost sex drive, an overall sense of well being and free testosterone levels.

Androsta-3 5-dien3-7 17-dione 25mg

Incredibly powerful compound that essentially kills of excess estrogen, allowing higher rates of free testosterone. Will also help to increase your lean, dry look and lower cortisol.

Black Pepper Extract 5mg

Helps to increase the absorption of the compounds for optimal results.


Like all of their range, Killer Labz has gone above and beyond when formulating Terminator Test. Typically, testosterone boosters are underdosed and use ingredients that have no actual scientific backing.

Get your testosterone levels to where they need to be today by adding Killer Labz Terminator Test to your supplement plan.

Value For Money

Terminator Test is a very comprehensive muscle building supplement, with an excellent blend of a number of different compounds which are specifically utilised to enhance the consumer's natural testosterone production, aiding the decrease in estrogen within the body and resulting in an improved overall performance.

With all of these excellent benefits, for the price of $3.00/serve, you really couldn't ask for a better deal.

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