Sparta Nutrition Kraken Review


Sparta Nutrition Kraken is a high energy pre-workout that has taken the market by storm.
Be prepared to release the Kraken with unrivalled energy, unparalleled focus and skin splitting pumps.


L-Citrulline - 4g

This is the purest version of L-Citrulline, 4g is the most effective dose for this ingredient.
L-Citrulline is going to allow for an increase in oxygenation of the blood cells and allow yourself to push yourself harder for longer.
This positive side effects on the blood will lead to increased ability to vasodilation in the form of thicker pumps.

Beta-Alanine - 3.2g

Beta-Alanine buffers the build-up of lactic acid and more specifically hydrogen ions which inhibit performance really pushes your lactic threshold.
This combined with the L-Citrulline is a great combination, increased capacity from the Beta-Alanine and also a better work threshold from the L-Citrulline aswell and the combination is very synergistic.
This is going to allow yourself to be able to perform a lot more reps, not really more strength but increase muscular endurance so instead of hitting that wall for 12 or 13 then you could go 14, 15, 16 reps.

HydroMax Glycerol Powder 65% - 2g

HydroMax is the best form of Glycerol due to the fact that it has the highest rating, what Glycerol do acts as a cell volumizer allowing to keep your muscle cells hydrated and helps you from sweating out essential nutrients and keep the cell pumped and full.
Both the L-Citrulline and the HydroMax is going to allow yourself to get a really full sort of pump, when you're taking HydroMax you find that you feel that your pumps are just a lot thicker and denser.

Taurine - 1g

Taurine is excellent for hydrating nutrients and increases the uptake of fluid in the cell.
1g is a huge dose, we would definitely recommend taking Taurine alongside any stimulant based products as generally stimulants are seen as a dehydrating agent. So this compound is going to allow fluid to be pushed back into the cell.

Agmatine Sulfate - 1g

Agmatine Sulfate works fantastically alongside Glycerol and L-Citrulline as a cell volumizer and a compound to boost nitric oxide.
In particular, Agmatine helps to widen the blood vessel, which allows to pump more blood down so you can shovel more blood down to the muscles.

Teacrine - 125mg

With a yield of 40% which means you'll get a total of 100mg of Teacrine, Teacrine works very similar to caffeine but a cleaner sort of laster longer energy and you get an increase in dopamine which allows for a real feed good mood when consumed.

It's also really hard to build up a tolerance when you consume Teacrine, so it's always working effectively.
So this ingredient in combination with caffeine.

Eria Jarensis Extract - 250mg

This ingredient is going to be seen as the new DMHA and it's a great feel effect and helps to boost dopamine and nora adrenaline.
It allows for a great sense of wellbeing, it's not really a super stimulant but it does help to clean up the energy.
A massive dose of the ingredient but what I like about this compound is the tolerance is a lot wider and it's a great way to get a result without getting the DMHA downers.

Caffeine - 200mg

200mg is going to give you a very clean energy boost and central nervous system stimulation providing alertness, mental focus and help reduce your reaction time. Sharpening you up without sending you absolutely mental, having more caffeine means more side effects.
So consuming a slightly lower amount and being a bit more intelligent by combining ingredients that work synergistically effect.

L-Norvaline - 100mg

L-Norvaline works to break down of Argenese, which breaks down Agmatine and L-Citrulline so it allow's for almost a blocker or coating so that these ingredients can be broken down less.
It doesn't really do a whole lot of stuff on there own but it allows the ingredients like Agmatine and L-Citrulline to perform a lot more effectively and you get some sensational vasodilation of the muscle.

Higenamine - 50mg

Higenamine increases cardiovascular function with the added benefit of being a mild fat burner and releasing fatty acids to be used as an energy source.
A very cool compound, slight stimulant effect and provides you with an alertness to help with the increase in muscular endurance.
So when you take that alongside the Beta-Alanine and the L-Citrulline in high doses it's actually really effective and the dose of it is actually really high itself.


When you take Sparta Nutrition - Kraken you receive a very high-level workout every time.
With a very clean boosted energy, without it being too crazy, the blend consists of a clinically dosed ingredients which are going to allow the consumer to have increased in -

  • Muscular endurance
  • Muscular strength
  • Vasodilation + Blood flow
  • Hydration
  • Mental cognition + Focus
  • Energy levels

Taking 1 scoop of Kraken will provide everything you need to keep your workout's and overall performance on point, training at night you won't have to worry about it keeping you awake or even to be safe you can take Sparta Nutritions non-stimulant pre-workout Kraken Pump.


Sparta Nutrition has a great list of flavours in, particularly Rainbow candy.
Flavours available are Sex on the Beach, Watermelon Rancher, Blue Raspberry Slushie & Sour Gummy Bear.

Mix-Ability is excellent with a little bit of cloudiness to it but that is a pretty common theme with HydroMax.
The flavour is delicious, a very well balanced candy taste.
Sparta Nutrition with their packaging, flavouring and branding, in general, do a fantastic job.

Value For Money

Value for money is great when you factor whats in it is also really good, at 40 serves at $1.75 at 20 serves it $3.50 per serve.
It provides excellent value for money and the quality for the money is also excellent, would definitely recommend adding this pre-workout to your supplement arsenal.

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