Myblox Loco Pre Workout Supplement Review


Myoblox Loco is an ultra-premium energy based pre-workout supplement, Myoblox has surged in popularity of late and it is easy to see why.
After consuming this new comprehensive pr-workout product you can expect t
unnel vision focus, explosive strength, incredible clean energy and dense muscle pumps.


    Vitamins - (B6, B9, B12, B3)

    This combination of Vitamins is going to allow an increase in absorption of the ingredients, allowing for a cleaner delivery of energy and a minimisation of any negative side effects of stimulants in the form of a post-workout crash.

    The dosage is excellent an outstanding addition to the blend.

    Loco Super Matrix

    Betaine Anhydrous - 3000mg

    Betaine helps to increase muscle power and also muscle hydration when the muscle is hydrated it means that you can push yourself harder and for a prolonged period of time.

    Dehydration has been correlated to a 10% drop in performance, so staying hydrated is paramount when it comes to performance.
    Betaine has also been seen to increase post workout protein synthesis.

    So it's not just a performance booster but is going to increase the rate at which you are able to recover from your session also.

    This ingredient is an excellent addition to the formula and is extremely underrated.

    Beta - Alanine - 2500mg

    Beta - Alanine buffers the build-up of hydrogen ions and increases the rate of removal of lactate.
    The dose of this compound is great

    Taurine - 1500mg

    Taurine consumption helps muscle cell hydration.

    This compound is an excellent addition to any stimulant based blend, with an added benefit of preventing muscle cramping during and post-workout.

    Glycerol - 1000mg

    Glycerol is a cell volumizer and acts as like a magnet to draw more fluid into the muscle cells and help push nutrients into the muscle to be utilised.

    Glycerol is a very common ingredient in a number of stimulant and non-stimulant products because it provides the consumer with a very thick and full pump

      Magic Matrix - Stimulant/Energy/Focus Blend

        Acetyl - L Carnitine

        Acetyl - L Carnitine is an excellent ingredient for mental focus, providing the consumer with a zoned in sharp clarity when you consume it.

        This improved mental cognition has outstanding benefits on the ability to execute the exercise.


        Real Caf is derived from an organic green coffee bean, realcaf is a super clean and highly potent energy source.
        After consuming realcaf you will soon realise just how hard-hitting and clean it really is compared to other stimulant forms such as caffeine anhydrous


        This nootropic ingredient allows 's for an increase in dopamine when you consume this compound you feel a euphoric happy feeling overcome your body.

        So this combined with realcaf and tyrosine allows you to feel sharp, alert.


        Synephrine is an excellent stimulant ingredient it's a very fast acting Central Nervous System Stimulant with the added benefit of a mild thermogenic.
        This compound, in particular, will help to increase energy levels, alertness and provide a gradual mood enhancement throughout the duration of your workout.


        Not a very commonly used ingredient but is very effective another hard-hitting ingredient which leaves you feeling fantastic.
        Another benefit to Halostachine HCL is that you don't build up a tolerance

        This ingredient similar to Syntherine, has thermogenic effects.

        Higenime HCL

        Which acts as a stimulant in some parts of the body and a relaxant in others, it's a great ingredient to get your Peripheral Nervous System on point.

        Blox - Micro - Peptide Technology

        This technology will help directly with muscle growth in the form of increased capacity to recover the muscle.
        With typically pre-workout being used for performance, this technology will act as a conductor of protein molecules to be directed to a specific site.

        This is going to ensure that your recovery is on point and help to fuel the process, and kick-start recovery a bit earlier.


          When you consume Myoblox Loco you can expect a source of clean energy, great focus and a very comprehensive hydration blend.

          The formula is very unique with a wide range of performance enhancing benefits and with the incorporation of the Blox technology to ensure to kick-start the muscle recovery process.

          When you consume Loco, the overall performance is excellent.

          It provides you with a fantastic workout but you almost don't notice the pre-workout if that makes sense.

          All of the ingredients within the blend are very synergistic leaving yourself feeling focused, sharp and a high sense of clarity.


          Myoblox Loco comes in 2 flavours Jolly Pop and Candy Bomb.

          The texture of this product is excellent, Myoblox only sources the highest quality ingredients and it show's by the texture of the product.

          Candy Bomb tastes delicious, it's hard to describe but very similar to the taste of gobstopper.
          With a nice blend of sour and sweet together, it tastes very similar to rock candy.

          It's a very unique flavour and very hard to describe but the flavour is amazing and you are really going to look forward to the having this product, everything I've had from Myoblox in regards to flavours is sensational.

          Value for money

          Myoblox Loco is a 38 serves for $69.95, which makes it $1.83 per serve with value for money being excellent.

          This is a standout product in regards to value for money in the pre-workout category today.
          All in all, this is a very impressive product and it is something that you can take all year round and not have any issues with building up a tolerance overworking your Adrenal System.

          Very premium looking product and very well presented and it shows that the people who were putting this product together really cared.

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