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Man Sports Game Day Overview

Game Day is the newest highly dosed, complete stimulant based pre workout from Man Sports. Covering all bases from an increase in muscle pumps, mental focus, endurance and strength to help maximise your workouts.

The Formula

Game Day use L-Citrulline to help increase blood flow and nutrient delivery, while Agmatine will ensure those muscle pumps last for a longer period of time.

Muscular endurance is increased with the combination of Beta Alanine & Taurine, helping to offset and buffer the build-up of fatigue toxins so you can train harder for longer.

The above clinical dose of Creatine HCL will aid in the production of ATP and help increase strength and power output.

The use of natural caffeine as the only stimulant (350mg) gives off a much cleaner feeling of stimulation than synthetic caffeine anhydrous. The inclusion of L-Theanine helps minimise the chance of a post workout by taking the edge off the large amount caffeine, acting as a non-sedative relaxant.

Value For Money

With 30 true serves per tub, no double scooping here, Man Sports Game Day ends up costing $2.33. Making it one of the best value for money pre-workouts on the market!


Man Sports Game Day is currently available in 3 flavours:

- Pink Lemonade

- Sour Batch

- Rainbow Sherbet

Across the board, Game Day's flavours are quite mild with not an overuse of artificial sweeteners and flavours. This makes it quite pleasant to drink without tasting sickly sweet.

Our Thoughts

Man Sports Game Day is one of the most comprehensive pre workouts to be release in recent memory, covering all the boxes you would want in a stimulant based pre workout. The energy in particular is still quite strong with the big dose of caffeine, however because it is natural caffeine, it stays in your system for longer without that jittery feeling you might get in other pre-workouts. A very good pre workout and a must try for anyone who enjoys a stronger pre workout but one that is a whole lot more than just stimulants.

Man Sports Game Day

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