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When it comes to powerlifting there are few people who know as much as the ‘Meathead Millionaire’ Mark Bell, a man who has revolutionised the sport and spread it to the masses. So it is no wonder that personalised products from the SlingShot range are so popular and reliable.

The Hip Circle from the SlingShot range are no different boasting numerous benefits to all athletes seeking to improve there athletic performance, mobility and reduce there risk of injury. Moreover the convenient design of the Hip Circle makes it an easy addition to any gym bag allowing athletes of all levels the opportunity to properly warm up and prepare for training.

Prior to training it is recommended that users go through roughly 5-10 minutes of exercise incorporating the Hip Circle in order to activate the the Glutes and to free up the hip muscles including Adductors and Abductors. The use of the Hip Circle prepares your muscles for peak performance during training and will help aide you to achieve not only a stronger lower body but also more mobile and injury resistant muscles.

In the video’s Business Development Manager Declan goes through some fundamental pre training movements to help maximise your performance prior to a squat or deadlifting session.

A complete Hip Circle routine is as follows:

2 x 15 Crab Walks – For activation of hip adductors and abductors.

2 x 15 Stiff Legged Backwards Walk – For glute, hamstring and calf activation.

1 x 10 Walking Lunge – Stretching of the hip flexors

1 x 15 Air Squats – Movement preparation.

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