Maxines Burn Review


Maxines Burn is a lean whey protein blend with it's focus on ladies to support muscle recovery, toning and fat loss.

The protein blend will allow for an improved muscle recovery post exercise and allow an improved metabolic function.



L-Carnitine an excellent compound which can be produced naturally by the body.
It has the benefit of helping the body to produce natural energy, L-Carnitine consumption has been known to aid in normal functioning of the brain and heart.

L-carnitine improves the bodies ability to use fat as a fuel allowing you to exercise at a higher intensity for a prolonging duration.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is an excellent compound to add to any fat-loss based protein blend with a number of different health benefits in the form of -

  • High In Anti-Oxidants,
  • Heart Health,
  • Brain Function,
  • Can Help Fat Loss,


Whey protein isa protein source which is high in protein, this support the ability to build lean muscle mass.
This particular source is also very high in leucine which is an excellent for stimulating recovery after exercise.

Green Coffee Extract

    Green Coffee Extract beans are the seeds (beans) of Coffee prior to being roasted.
    This specific compound promotes a very clean smooth energy release for the consumer, promoting an improvement in overall performance.


    The consumers ability to perform will promote an increase in metabolic rate, the different variables of training in conjunction doing some resistance training and eating sufficient protein every day supports a strong metabolic rate.

    This means your body is will become more efficient in burning fat and you’ll have the ability to able to eat more while getting into shape in a more sustainable fashion.

    Burn also has added thermogenic to promote fat loss. When combined with a good diet and exercise program this will provide effective results.


    Maxines Burn comes in 4 flavours Vanilla Ice Cream, Choc Fudge Brownie, Cherry Cheese Cake & Chocolate Honeycomb.
    With all flavours, hitting an exceptional standard. Not to overpowering, just a nice blend of consistently delicious flavour systems.
    We would specifically recommend trying Choc Fudge Honeycomb!

    Value For Money

    Maxines Burn can be purchased from or any Spartansuppz Retail Location for the retail price for $59.95 which makes it 50 serves making it $1.20/serve.
    This product is excellent value for money if you take into account the protein source which is being supplied, the highly comprehensive fat loss and energy blend.

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