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Our crew here at are big fans of the MTS Nutrition range.

The products all taste amazing,mix well and have formulas that are simple yet very effective.

Their Machine Whey has been a cray popular whey protein-so popular in fact it completely sold out (coming back late next week).

Enter Drop Factor Powder

The Australian market has got a real special treatment with this one. As you likely know capsules and Australia don’t go hand in hand so Marc Lobliner has specially formulated a powdered version of the product just for the Australian market.

Please note: MTS Nutrition have formulated this especially for us-which means no yohimbine hcl but don’t worry this product more than makes up for that.

It packs a whopping 60 serves per container and be available for under $80 making it incredible value for money.

If you have ever tried anything from this company you’ll know they don’t mess around with flavours and Drop Factor is no exception with smooth,crisp taste you’ll look forward to drinking every single time.

What’s in Drop Factor?

This packs a pretty long list but we’re going to point out the real product highlights:

-Blend of synephrine and methyl synephrine: This not only assists with mental but also works wonders as keeping your appetite under control which is critical when dieting and trying to lose body fat.

-Coleus Forskohii: Full clinical dose of this one which is very effective at assisting the breakdown of fats for use as energy

-Broccoli,spinach and pomegranate powder-Will help increase alkalinity for better bodily functions and nutrient breakdown. Although not often considered in fat burner this is very important in the overall picture of losing body fat and staying healthy along the way

-Comprehensive stimulant blend-packs a nice blend of stims without being too crazy. This will provide a good boost of energy that you’ll really notice but won’t send you too crazy. If you’re dieting you’re likely on lower carbohydrates then you’re going to be feeling a little flat and Drop Factor will help to make up for that lack of carbs and have you feeling much better for a sold few hours.

How will this benefit me?

First thing you will notice when you take a serve of Drop Factor is the increase in energy levels and mental focus. I’d rate this as one of the stronger stimulant products in the fat burning market at the moment and it provides a nice clean boost in energy without being too over the top. If you are a little caffeine sensitive start out with half a serve to asses your tolerance first just incase.

You’ll also notice your appetite being a little on the lower side. Often overlooked but very important to getting into shape is controlling what goes in your mouth. This will take the edge of your appetite and stay on track with your dieting macros and have you feeling much better while you do it.

Our thoughts?

Overall Drop Factor is a good fat burner. Its thermogenic blend is quite solid,the energy and mood effects rival the best on the market,its very effect at suppressing your appetite and the flavour/value for money are excellent. MTS Nutrition take their formulations and flavouring systems very seriously so before even trying it you can be assured it’s going to be be pretty damn good.

Only ingredient noticeably absent from this product and very common in fat burners is acetyl l-carnitine. Most products underdose the hell out of this anyway and it’s quite cheap to buy on its own so we’d recommend getting in separately anyway. This makes it much more versatile and you could also add some into your pre-workout for some extra fat burning kick aswell.

Checkout out Drop Factor Fat Shredding Stack for a great deal on this exact combo.


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