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Product Overview

MTS Ruckus review is going to cover the highly anticipated Ruckus nitrate based pre-workout from MTS Nutrition.

Ruckus is a high stimulant concentrated pre-workout to join Clash in the MTS line-up.

Let’s break down what’s in the product.


Betaine nitrate otherwise known as trimethylglycine is the 1st ingredient on this at 1500mg per serve. This is an effective dose and has been well researched and proven to be effective at improve performance,recovery and muscle pumps.

Next int he MTS Ruckus blend is taurine and tyrosine. These are effective ingredients for muscular endurance and mental focus. These are not stimulants so help to balance out the caffeine and give cleaner,more focused energy that stays strong throughout the workout.

These ingredients also assist in promoting a feeling of well-being which encourages a great mood for crushing it in the gym.

The primary stimulant in MTS Ruckus review is infinergy di-caffeine malate. Traditionally we see caffeine anhydrous but MTS have opted for this blend of caffeine and malic acid. This provides a cleaner,longer lasting energy effect. Unlike anhydrous infinergy avoids the ups and downs and provides more sustained energy. Yeiling 300mg of caffeine this is an effective pre-workout dose.

For mental focus you also have 50mg each of methyl l-tyramine and hordenine hcl. Very powerful and concentrated stimulant for fast acting energy and mental focus throughout your workout. These also have a positive effect on mood to get you in the zone.

One ingredient not seen before in pre-workouts is the patented ElevATP. As the name suggest this works with your body to increase it’s production of ATP for better energy during training so you can perform better without fatigue.


MTS fan are really spoilt for choice with 5 flavours right from the launch. Blue raspberry,grape,fruit punch,lemon lime and green apple. Not the craziest flavours around but being MTS you know Ruckus is going to deliver when it comes to taste.

MTS Ruckus Review

High energy,ultra-concentrated and priced to impress MTS Ruckus is a great Clash alternative for the MTS Nutrition fans.

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