Muscle Nation Three-D Review 2020

Muscle Nation Three-D Review

Muscle Nation is an Australian made and owned brand based in Brisbane. Their supplement range includes fat burners, protein, custard caseins and also a superstar non-stimulant pre-workout in Three-D.

This product has been designed to increase performance, provide amazing muscle and super clean focus without the use of stimulants.


Three-D Ingredients Review

This is one seriously stacked pre-workout supplement! Muscle Nation has pulled no punches when it comes to delivering the ultimate training experience.

The comprehensive formula uses clinical doses of proven ingredients to increase muscle power and performance with betaine anhydrous and l-citrulline. These work in synergy with one another to provide a dramatic increase in performance in the gym.

Combine these performance-boosting effects with pump ingredients like Glycerpump, Nitrosigine and l-norvaline and you have a serious pump incoming!

Muscle Nation didn't stop there and they've added a really unique element to this product with the use of nootropics. Nootropics increase mental focus and clarity to get you dialed in during training without the caffeine or any post-workout crash.

Combine these ingredients and you have a comprehensive pre-workout supplement to deliver amazing performance, skin-splitting pumps and amazing mental focus in the gym.

This is a 40/20 serve product which makes it really easy to tailor your dosing of the supplement to any given workout. For bigger body parts you can go the full 2 scoops serve or for smaller body parts/stacking you might opt for just one scoop.

Three-D Review: Flavours & Value for Money

Three-D comes in 4 delicious flavors:

  • Watermelon Slushie
  • Grape Bubblegum
  • Lemonade Icy Pole
  • Red Candy Sticks

This is a massive range to choose from and makes this a very versatile product especially if you're looking to stack it with your favorite pre-workout or fat burner.

This is a 40 scoop product and retail for $69.95 bringing it to $1.75/scoop.

Who is this for?

This would be a great pre-workout for anyone looking to increase performance and pumps in the gym. This would also be excellent if you are sensitive to caffeine or train later in the evening as it's 100% stimulant-free.

Spartans Product Summary

Muscle Nation has a stellar line-up of products and this is no exception. With clinical doses across the board and ingredients to cover all elements of pump, performance, endurance and mental focus it's really hard to fault this product.

This gets the Spartansuppz tick of approval if you're looking for an epic pre-workout pump!

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