Musclesport Rhino Black Series Pre Workout Review

Musclesport Rhino Black Series Pre Workout

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Musclesport Rhino Black is a very complete pre-workout supplement by Musclesports, this is definitely not your standard pre-workout supplement, this is the exotic sports car of the pre-workout category.


Citrulline Malate - 6000mg

Citrulline Malate is a widely utilised nitric oxide pump-based ingredient which is going to allow for an increase in the bodies ability to perform at a higher rate for a prolonged period of time.
If you're after pushing yourself to the absolute limits, this is the ingredient you want to be within your pre-workout formula.

Beta-Alanine - 3200mg

Beta-Alanine is one of the most utilised performance increasing compounds on the market, this compound specifically has been shown to have some amazing benefits in reference to increasing the consumer's lactic threshold.
In simpler terms, this means that the consumer can push past there usually performance capacity and achieve more weight, more reps and a longer duration of training.
The more activation within the particular muscle site, the more the body can adapt and grow.
Within this particular product, the dose is at clinical.

Creatine Magnapower - 2000mg

Creatine is one of the most researched ingredients in the supplement market, it has been shown to provide excellent benefits to increases in muscular power and strength.
If you perform a lot of explosive powerlifting movement's within each session, you definitely should be consuming some form of creatine within your diet.

Nitrosogine - 750mg

One of the best nitric oxide boosting compound's found in formula's, allowing for dramatic increase's in blood flow & nutrient delivery.
This is going to allow for increased overall performance & vasodilation.

Tyrosine - 750mg

Tyrosine is heavily utilised as a mental focus agent, with the benefit of allowing for increased mental focus, memory recall, a central nervous system in the form of a non-stimulant compound which source's its energy from other compounds.

Caffeine Blend - 400mg

This a large blend of caffeine sources, if you're someone who enjoys their stimulants this is the product for you!
With the inclusion of a source of a fast-acting hit of energy to drastically improve your central nervous system function and motivation but also the inclusion of slow-acting energy source which will allow for a prolonged period of time to prevent any post-workout crash.


Musclesports Rhino Black Series is a very high stimulant pre-workout and is definitely not for anyone who is at an entry-level in regards to supplement consumption.

As this is one very hard-hitting pre-workout supplement, we definitely would recommend starting off with 1 scoop.

There are a number of excellent benefits which can be produced, in particular:

  • Increased Mental Focus & Central Nervous Stimulation
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Increased Nutrient Delivery & Utilisation
  • Increased Muscular Power & Strength
  • Increased Muscular Endurance & Performance Threshold
  • Increased Vasodilation


Rhino Black Series Pre-Workout comes in 4 flavours in the form of Jungle Juice, Sunset Punch, Blue Demon & White Monster.

All of the flavours are delicious, with the top of the pick being Jungle Juice, this is a very delicious product with a blend of tropical flavours all very synergistic working together to create a mouth-watering pre-workout supplement.

Value For Money

In reference to Value For Money, you can purchase Musclesport Black Rhino Series Pre-Workout from or any Spartans Retail Location for $79.95 and has 40 serves making it $2.00/serve.

This is a very full, highly comprehensive pre-workout blend with the additions of an all-star line up which is going to take your workout capacity to the next level.

The Value For Money is excellent, with an extensive list of some of the highest quality ingredients you can get your hands on!

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