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Mutated Nation were the makers of Albutarex-the craziest fat burner we have even seen and far and away the best seller.

They got in touch with us regarding their new pre-workout and sent some to try and said we’d be impressed.

We see ALOT of pre-workouts-but I have to say this one was a standout with clean energy,great mental focus without being too over the top in terms of the stimulants in the product.

Did I mention the pumps? These were some serious sleeve splitting pumps! Looking at the ingredient panel before trying I didn’t really expect pumps to be all that great from this product but the combination of the strong performance boosters along with citrulline and agmatine made for strong,long lasting muscle pumps.

When testing a pre-workout we like to have a few of our team try it at least 2 or 3 times to get a well formed opinion on the product.

Cracked performed every time during testing and to be honest I’ve continued using it in the workouts since then and am really enjoying the product.

Check out the video review on this one-drop a comment on what you think and let us know if there’s another product you want to see reviewed/other content you want to see on the channel

We’re here for you and want to make sure we’re providing what you want.

Interested in trying the product?Pick up a tub here

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