Myoblox Tetra Review


This is an ultra-premium, high quality, stimulant based fat burner. Myoblox has surged in popularity of late and it is easy to see why. Tetra is a fat burning power-house supplement in capsule form, this is a highly sought out product from the already notorious Myoblox supplement range.


Fire Matrix 135mg:

This is one very complete combination of compounds in the form of Advantra Z®, Paradoxine®, Higenamine and the exclusive BLOX™ technology.
If you enjoy walking out of a session feeling like you've really performed at your best dripping in sweat.
With also the added benefit of increased metabolic rate and increased calorie expenditure.

Euphoric Matrix 200mg:

This Matrix is made up of Sulbutiamine, Eria Jarensis (DMPA) & the exciting Nivadren™.
This combination of ingredients has the ability to -
  • Increases Well Being
  • Clean Euphoric
  • Improved Mindset
  • Improved Motivation

RealCaf™ 150mg:

RealCaf is an organic source of caffeine to provide natural, clean energy without the jitters and anxiety.

This is not like a number of other hard-hitting stimulants which are being utilised in the current supplement industry, and nothing else.
Tetra will provide the consumers with a clean, euphoric energy and have you sweating like crazy with premium ingredients.


Myoblox is known for sourcing some of the most premium level compounds to allow the consumer to maximise the availability of the compound to give the best results on their products

Benefits of Tetra:

  • Increases Metabolism
  • Increased Body Temperature
  • Euphoric Energy
  • Fat Loss
  • Controlled Cravings

Value For Money

Myoblox Tetra is available from or any Spartansuppz Retail Store Location at the cost price of $79.95 for 60 capsules. We would recommend taking 1-2 capsules 20 minutes before cardio or weights training.

With a month's supply of this power-house fat burning supplement, we are sure this particular product is going to ignite your metabolism and take your fat-burning capacity to a whole new level!

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