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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer review is one of the most anticipated for some time.

Optimum are quite literally the biggest brand on the planet so when they release a new product we have pretty high expectations.

Gold Standard Gainer is the latest offering from Optimum and presents itself as a high quality lean mass gain supplement.

Although a similar size/price to their Pro Complex Gainer this is a vastly different product.

Utilising the same name that took their whey protein so number one in the world the bar has been set very high.

The Formula

Optimum have set about putting together a product that not only packs a good amount of protein but also uses high quality sources.

The protein blend in this product is made up of whey protein isolate,whey protein concentrate,milk protein isolate and hydrolysed whey protein isolate.

Being primarily WPI this makes the protein blend very high in protein (55gm/serve) and quite low in carbohydrates and fat. This also means it will be very fast digesting making it suitable as both a MRP a post-workout supplement.

The carbohydrates in this product from from oat flour,pea starch (Carb 10) and potato starch. These are all high quality low GI carb sources that will support muscle recovery and glycogen replenishment.

As a result a single serve with get you 8fm of fibre and just 12gm sugar from 112gm total carbohydrates.

Healthy fats have been added in the form MCT powder to control insulin levels and bring the fat up to 10gm per serve.


This comes in 3 flavours in the larger size:

  • Colossal Chocolate
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Cookies & Cream

Optimum are known for making some pretty good flavours and this product is no exception. They've done an excellent job of nailing the flavour on this product and for such a large serve (200gm) it still mixes quite well.

Value for Money

This has been released in 2 sizes:

  • 5lb/2.27kg
  • 10lb/4.55kg

This provides a range of flavours and sizes so you can try the flavours out with a smaller size before moving up and getting the bigger size.

Using the 10lb bag as an example this product retails for $129.95 and has 23 serves bringing the price per serve to $5.65.

To compare the value the same size of Pro Complex Gainer is $4.65/serve. However the quality of the nutrient sources in the new GS gainer are far greater and you also get a larger serve with more calories per serve.

Taking into account the quality of the nutrients and the serving size the value for money of this product is really quite good.

Gold Standard Gainer Review

Optimum have brought out some underwhelming products in the past (Gold Standard BCAA as an example) but this is a genuinely impressive product.

Great macronutrient ratio,quality ingredient sources and great value for money/flavours make this a seriously good lean mass gain supplement.

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