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This is the latest amino acid from ON and it has been causing a stir. They have built a reputation for putting out quality products-this is no exception.

Optimum Nutrition Pro BCAA

This is designed to maximise recovery and muscle repair around training times.
It uses a clinical dose and ratio of branched chain amino acid to achieve this with a massive 8 grams per serve. The cornerstone of any good recovery product this is a very good dose in a proven ratio and exactly what it needs.

It also packs 5gm glutamine for muscle recovery and immune support. Although glutamine isn’t an essential amino acid supplement it does get quite depleted during training so having it in their is a big bonus. It will also become even more critical if you were a vegan/vegetarian or dieting as your requirements would be much higher in those cases.
The part that really makes this stand out is the phyto blend which is a mix of grape seed extract and red wine extract for a potent source of anti-oxidants and resveratrol. This is great for oxygenating the blood and may also have a positive effect on increase natural testosterone production as well.
This comes in 3 flavours:
Peach Mango
Raspberry Lemonade
Fruit Punch
They all mix very well and taste great and live up the optimum nutrition image in that sense.
At under $40 this is a great buy when you factor what is actually in a serve and if you are looking for a good intra-workout recovery supplement this would be a great choice.

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