Oxyshred Hardcore Review

If you haven't already heard, the good folks at EHP Labs are releasing the all new EHPlabs Oxyshred Hardcore

As you already may know, EHPLabs Oxyshred is a world renowned fat burning supplement which is widely chosen by consumers as their fat burning supplement of choice.

EHP Labs the all-new and highly anticipated Oxyshred Hardcore Limited Edition with a new exclusive Grape Bubblegum flavour and a highly comprehensive formula with additional ingredients to ensure you're on track to crushing your goals this year.

Key Features

Oxyshred Hardcore is a high stimulant and highly comprehensive Fat Burning Supplement not for the faint-hearted, this particular product is a perfect choice for anyone who is trying to reduce their body fat percentage and wants that hardcore energy hit at the same time.

The key benefits of this product are:

  1. Fat Metabolization Matrix: A comprehensive matrix, with a number of key ingredients to help burn those extra stubborn calories & utilise them as an energy source.
  2. Hardcore Beta 3 Thermogenic Matrix: This particular matrix will aid the bodies ability to create a thermogenic environment, this is directly related to creating a calorie deficit and increasing the bodies ability to burn fat.
  3. Nootropic Focus Cognitive Boosters: Nootropic blend to leave the consumer feeling sharp and focused, these particular ingredients will help stimulate the central nervous system and provoke creative and innovative thinking.
  4. Immunity Boosting Prebiotic/Full B Vitamin Spectrum: Another excellent addition to the blend, these particular compound will promote the body to perform at its optimal function, this is an essential addition because it allows the individual to stay consistent and without sickness or disease.

Who Is Oxyshred Hardcore Suited For?

The Oxyshred Hardcore Limited Edition fat burning supplement would be suited for someone who enjoys that extra kick of energy, this is a hardcore product for anyone who really takes training serious.

With the addition of new fat burning ingredients to aid fat loss, additional key thermogenic compounds and a list of different vitamins and prebiotic to aid the healthy living of the consumer.

We would only recommend consuming 1 scoop of Oxyshred Hardcore per day, due to its potency.

Flavour Selection

Currently, Limited Edition Grape Bubblegum.

Build My Stack

Oxyshred Hardcore is an excellent fat burning supplement, to help burn those extra calories and get yourself looking shredded!

For maximal results, we would suggest stacking it with the following products:

  1. Creatine HCL: Creatine has been shown to help aid muscular strength and power. If you're struggling to break through training plateaus creatine can be a massive help.
  2. EAA Max: Essential amino acids are a great addition to any training regime. Add these in during training to help speed up your recovery and reduce muscle soreness.
  3. Neanderthal: If you're searching for a potent testosterone enhancer, Neanderthal is a great choice. It can help increase muscle mass and amplify fat loss.

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