This is a highly effective natural anabolic plant-based muscle building supplement product from Primeval Labs.

Primavar is a breakthrough muscle building supplement, with one of the most innovating and exciting ingredients to be discovered in many years.

The Laxogenin plant-based ingredient has the ability to drastically improve the consumer's ability to increase overall performance.


The compound Laxogenin has the capacity to drastically elevate protein synthesis and increase the amount of dietary protein that you can turn back into muscle tissue to enhance the ability to build lean muscle.

So in simple, this ingredient will increase the ability to provide a much greater ability to recover and grow muscle.

The data collected from Laxogenin is fantastic and it's shown to increase protein synthesis to up to 220% which is double the amount of regular protein synthesis.

Laxogenin is a non-hormonal product in that it doesn't affect testosterone or estrogen levels. This makes this product suitable for guys and girls as well. You can also take Primavar for long periods of time and has no need to be rotated in a cycle. We would advise just taking 1 capsule per day with the timing of this consumption not being very crucial.

Value For Money

The 60 serves of this product retails for $109.95 and this makes it $1.83 per serve.

The dose of this highly effective ingredient is at a high quantity and exceeds most other similar products on the market, so the value for money for this product is fantastic. If you would like to stack Primavar alongside another product, we would recommend stacking it alongside a recomposition product like contra or core-hard. It would also be highly effective taken alongside a test-booster.

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