Primeval Labs Hurakan Review


Primeval Labs Hurakan is the newest addition to the Primeval Labs supplement range, with Primeval Labs really the producing a very highly comprehensive fat burning supplement.

Hurakan is a highly intelligent product with a very synergistic formula which is definitely not going to disappoint.

Each serve of Hurakan packs 18 premium ingredients that target weight loss from every angle.


Metabolic Blend:

Garcinia Cambogia 200mg:

Garcinia Cambogia is a highly intelligent compound, which specifically Inhibits citric lyase. This allows for a decrease in body fat storage, leaving you looking much tighter and producing the dream physique.

Dandelion Root Extract 75mg:

This is a natural diuretic that promotes a reduction of bloating and water retention. Excellent ingredient to help increase libido/sex drive.
In some studies showing an improved testosterone, IGF 1 and lean body mass.

Olive Leaf Extract 100mg

Olive Leaf Extract has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity within consumers this allows for increases thyroid activity.

Fat Metabolisation Blend

Acetyl L Carnitine 250mg:

Acetyl L-Carnitine is one of the most proven and utilised fat metabolising compounds in the fat burning supplement category.
With its ability to helps to cross the blood-brain barrier, this ingredient is highly effective in improve mental focus & cognition.
Added benefits is appetite control, improved ability to utilised fat storages as a natural energy source.

    Thermo Energy Blend

    Caffeine Anhydrous, PurCaf & Green Tea:

    This is an all-star line up of some of the most effective forms of caffeine on the market. These stimulants have the ability to provide a very clean source of energy with the added benefits of
    • Central Nervous System,
    • Increase Thermogenic Rate.
    • Varying forms which allow for both, fast acting and slow release of energy


    Hurakan is a truly comprehensive fat burning product that can have a number of benefits when consumed -

    Benefits Include -

    • Appetite suppression
    • Increasing energy
    • Improved sense of well-being
    • Rapid weight loss

      How To Use Hurukan?

      We would recommend consuming 1 serve (3 capsules) of Primeval Labs Hurakan either first thing in the morning or prior to training.

      This is a very complete fat-burning supplement, with an insanely high potency, we would not recommend exceeding 6 capsules a day.
      It would also be in your best interests to consume Primeval Labs Pyretic for the ultimate fat burning experience.

      Primeval Labs Pyretic is a unique non-stimulant fat burning supplement.
      This is unique in that is attacks fat burning on multiple pathways and uses cutting edge ingredients to do so.
      Primeval Labs haven't done this by halves with this product!

      Value For Money

      Primeval Labs Hurukan is available from or any Spartansuppz Retail Store Location for the cost price of

      This product is $89.95 and contains 30 serves making it $3.00 a serve.

      Taking into account the extremely premium formula consisting of 18 proven compounds, it's not hard to understand just how excellent this product is in reference to value for money.

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