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Primeval Labs Intracell 7 review is a complete intra-workout recovery powerhouse.

This product delivers a very unique ingredient combination to take your workout performance and recovery to a whole new level.

Let's break down the formula,ingredients and tell you what this does.

The Formula

Thankfully Primeval Labs have full transparent labelling so we can break down exactly what's in every single serve.

Each serve is 31gm and includes 29.5gm active ingredients. This means the flavouring is minimal and Primeval have really loaded this up with quality ingredients.

20,000mg Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin: This is a bonded form of dextrose which passes through the stomach very easily. It creates a very minimal effect on insulin which makes it ideal for workout nutrition and shuttling nutrients into the muscle cell.

This does however create an insulin release which is the most powerful anti-catabolic hormone in the body.

2000mg L Taurine: A very popular amino acid and very effective at increasing muscle cell hydration and endurance. Taurine is an excellent addition around workout to combat dehydration especially if using stimulant based pre-workouts.

2000mg Glycerol Monosterate: This is a hyper hydrating nutrient which works as a cell volumiser. It keeps the cells extremely well hydrated and increases blood volume. Aside from increased pumps it also brings more nutrients to the muscle cell. The hyper hydration also keeps water trapped in the muscle for longer meaning bigger pumps/nutrient delivery for longer.

200mg L-Leucine: The most powerful of the branched chain amino acids leucine is works as a trigger for muscle protein synthesis. Alongside the other BCAA's it tells the body to stop breaking down muscle tissue and start building it up again. This is a vital step in the recovery process and the ratio used in Intracell 7 is the most widely research and effective.

Nitrosogine 1500mg: Nitrosogine is a bonded arginine silicate which has been engineered to dramatically improve nitric oxide levels. The unique feature of this compound is the long lasting effects. Nitrosogine has been researched to significantly elevate arginine levels (and in turn nitric oxide production) for up to 3 hours. Not only does this mean you get incredible pumps while training but blood flow to the muscles stays elevate for hours after training. This translates to elevated nutrient delivery,lactate clearing and improved recovery.

L-Valine & L-Isoleucine 1000mg: A very important part of the essential BCAA's these work to spare leucine which triggers protein synthesis. This ration of a 2:1:1 is widely researched and proven to be the most anabolic amino acid ratio to stimulate muscle recovery. Dosing is typically between 2-5gm of leucine in the that 2:1:1 ratio which has Intracell 7 falling within the optimal range.


Intracell 7 comes in 2 flavour: Watermelon & Blue Raz

Both of these are very well flavoured. The flavours are not overpowering and they are very refreshing to drink. Sometimes very sweet intra-workouts can be a turn-off during training which makes this product even more refreshing a ultra-light to drink.


After using this product for an entire tub every workout I found my recovery between workouts was excellent. Typically BCAA's isn't something you really 'feel' doing something but this was different. The pumps were incredible and I felt I had really good endurance to keep pushing hard in the gym.

I also noticed the muscle I trained stay pumped for 60-90 minutes after training for better nutrient delivery.

Primeval Labs Intracell 7 Review

This is a VERY impressive intra-workout recovery product. It uses proven ingredients along with some cutting edge science to take workout intensity and recovery to a new level. Very comprehensive product comprising everything you need to grow & recover fast.

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