Primeval Labs Mega Pre Black


After the super high demand for the non-stimulant powerhouse supplement, Primeval Labs Mega Pre they have introduced the next stage to completely take your workout to the next level. The all-new Mega Pre Black in conjunction with Primeval Labs Mega Pre is going to allow for a very profound source of energy, pumps, focus, and endurance.

This is a hard-hitting, high energy very complete pre-workout not for that faint-hearted, this is definitely a one scoop product you need to get your hands on!


L-Citrulline 6g

L-Citrulline is an excellent addition to the blend, with the already 3grams present in the Mega Pre formula this is going to provide yourself with some very high-quality thick pumps. This great dose is going to allow an improvement in vasodilation of the muscle through the widening of the blood vessel, pumping more blood and nutrients more efficiently to be delivered to the working muscle.

Beta-Alanine 3.2g

This one of the most utilised performance enhancing ingredients on the market, with a clear indication of increased overall performance through the buffering of lactate to allow for an increased lactic threshold during exercise.
This is in reference to the consumer's ability to push beyond there normal performance

Dynamine™ 325mg

This is a real standout in regards to a clean source of energy and an overall performance enhancement, it is a new product but an excellent addition to the formula yielding a 130mg of Dynamine™.

Caffeine Anhydrous 325mg

Caffeine Anhydrous is known as the fastest hitting form of caffeine, this form of caffeine usually can be expected to hit within 30-90 minutes of consumption and provides an excellent clean source of energy which is going to allow the consumer to push themselves at a higher intensity throughout the entire duration of the session.

DiCaffeine Malate 68mg

DiCaffeine Malate is a slower releasing source of caffeine, this form of caffeine will allow the consumer to have a gradual step down from the high which has resulted through stimulation.
DiCaffeine Malate is excellent and that helps to decrease the likelihood of any "crash".

ElevATP® 150mg

This product is not utilised in many pre-workouts at the moment, but you can expect this compound to become a household name very soon.
This proficient compound allows for stimulation in the form of natural production of muscular energy.

N-MethylTyramine HCL 50mg

N-MethylTyramine is an excellent addition to the stimulant blend, this compound specifically has been known to show increases in energy and mental focus.
It has also been shown to help promote fat loss and appetite control after consumption.


In reference to effects, the new Primeval Labs Mega Pre Black is going to provide a range of benefits which is going to take your performance to the next level!
This highly comprehensive pre-workout supplement is going to provide the consumer with the benefit of -

  • Increased Muscular Endurance
  • Improved Mental Focus, Memory Recall & Mind-Muscle Contraction
  • Increased Strength
  • Improved Mood
  • Increased Blood Flow & Nutrient Delivery/Utilisation
  • Increased Vasodilation
  • Smooth Source Of Energy
  • Decrease Risk Of Crash During/Post Workout


Mega Pre Black comes in 2 flavours Sour Lemon Candy, Star Dust.

Value For Money

Mega Pre Black has not yet been released but will be available in September at the retail price of $69.95 which will provide the consumer with 40 servings.
Given the very comprehensive formula, this is going to be a stand-out product finishing off 2018!
If you're looking for an ultimate pre-workout we would recommend consuming

Mega Pre Black alongside Mega Pre!

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