Primeval Labs Mega Pre Review


Primeval Labs Mega Pre is a new addition to the non-stimulant pre-workout category and is a real standout!

This product is an intelligent complete energy pump based product with a full ingredient list of clinically proven ingredients. It has been designed to increase performance and give you a great session without the use of stimulants.

This product will ensure that you have pumps, performance, hydration, mental focus, clarity and muscle power needs covered.

If you're looking for a very complete non-stimulant pump based supplement, this is the product for you.


    L-Citrulline - (6 Grams)

    This is a great proven ingredient for increasing your muscular endurance, allowing yourself to work harder for longer.

      This increase in work rate capacity allows for more stimulation in the muscle.

      Another benefit of L-Citrulline is that it provides an increase in blood flow delivery to the working muscle, which will provide better nutrient delivery, pumps, and performance.

        Betaine Anhydrous - (3 grams)

        An ingredient which is derived from Choline, the main benefit of this ingredient is to allow for greater efforts of muscular power and strength.

        This means that you can push yourself harder and do more weight and more reps in that lower rep range.

        Betaine has been proven to promote post workout synthesis so that you can absorb more nutrients.

        The dose in Mega Pre is well over the clinical dose.

        D-Ribose - (2 grams)

        This ingredient helps to increase the transportation and storage of energy.

        When you take D-Ribose in the supplemental form you have a higher and more efficient way to utilise energy sources.

        It's a natural form producing more energy, which will allow for a more cleaner euphoric energy feeling when you train.

        Glycerol Powder (standardized to 55% Glycerol) (GlycerPump) - (2 grams)

        This ingredient is a new stable more superior form of Glycerol.

        It still serves the same purpose as Glycerol in working to hydrate nutrients and cell volumizer, this allows for a fuller deeper pump and a more efficient transporter for delivering nutrients into the cell.

        Glycerol is best utilised when consumed alongside a large amount of water beside Mega Pre, this will allow for allow an increase in the number of nutrients which can be soaked up in the muscle cell.

        Regular Glycerol yields from 5-15%, while this new and improved Glycerol yields up to 65%, in conclusion, 2 grams of this new compound is taking 20-50 grams of regular Glycerol.

        The effect is much more dramatic and you take less of it, so then there is less gastric upset.

          Choline Bitartrate - (1 grams)

          This ingredient in this formula is a very high dose,

          Again a stupid amount, a very high dose. Choline is a source of fuel for the brain to help promote increased function such as clarity, mental focus, clean energy and provides a zoned in sort of effect.

          This ingredient is great in that it eliminates the stimmy and jittery feelings associated with most stimulant based ingredients, allowing for greater concentration and an improved mind-muscle connection.

          The ingredient within this formula is at a very high dose.

          L-Norvaline - (300 mg)

          Again a very high dose. L-Norvaline helps to combat the break down of Arginine and anything on the No3 pathways including Citrulline and enhances the effects of these, this allows for these nutrients to be used at a greater volume and therefore allowing for more benefits to the consumer.
          This ingredient allows for a longer lasting pump and works very well alongside an ingredient such as L-Citrulline or Agmatine.

          VasoDrive AP - (254mg)

          This is an innovative new ingredient which is present in a lot of non-stimulant pump-based supplements.

          This ingredient dramatically increases blood flow and vasodilation.

          A benefit of this ingredient is that it keeps your blood pressure lower and allows for your blood vessels to dilate and open up dramatically more which results in a better pump.

          The benefit of having greater vasodilation is increased performance as well, which ultimately leads to better pumps.

          Tooth ClubMoss - Tooth ClubMoss(100mg)

          Huperzia is a Nootropic, this form of energy allows for a greater clarity.

            Other benefits of Huperzia is memory retention, typically this compound is used as a study aid to provide a very clean energy source.


            Mega Pre comes in 2 flavours - Pineapple Mango, Smashed Berry.

              The Smashed Berry is a mixed berry with a hint of lemon, a real mixed berry with a hint of citrus, very unique.

              The product sits quietly nicely, it's not clumpy and mixes up really well. No sort of lumpy, clumpy issues that you usually get with Glycerol.


                Another great side effect is that the Pumps are fantastic,

                  You have great muscle power and your workout has the ability to perform to a very high standard throughout the session

                  Mega Pre does not leave the consumer feeling to feel depleted
                  and allows for amazing performance, providing a great sense of clarity and mental focus.

                  The great sense of mental, focus and clarity provides a session rich in high amounts of mind muscle connection.

                  Personal Feedback

                  Mega Pre has great dosages of ingredients within its formula and can stack together very well if you did want to take some stims alongside this.
                  A great product which you could stack alongside Adrenal Rush.

                    Value for Money

                    Mega Pre is a 40 scoops product, with $2 per scoop.

                      This is a legitimate product and is not just a pump formula but a very complete performance boosting non-stimulant pre-workout.

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