Primeval Labs Mega Test Review


Primeval Labs Mega Test is a highly complete natural testosterone boosting supplement.
This product is specifically designed to be a complete muscle building and recovery solution.

Every ingredient within Mega Test has been clinically dosed to ensure that only the best ingredients have been utilised.


D Aspartic Acid & Fenugreek

To start off the blend you will find D Aspartic Acid & Fenugreek, these 2 highly effective compounds will allow for an increase in the consumers natural testosterone production.


With the addition of 25mg of arimistane in every serve.
This is going to take the consumers ability to produce testosterone to the next level with this all-powerful testosterone booster and natural anti-estrogen compound.
In simply it works to both increase testosterone production and simultaneously lower estrogen.
After consuming this compound, you'll notice a much harder, drier look within the first few weeks and an elevation in strength & recovery.

Additional Benefits

Primeval Labs taken this product to the next level with the introduction of liposomal delivery.
This works to protect the raw compounds, ensuring they can't be broken down by the bodies enzymes to promote maximum results.

Studies have shown that this delivery system can elevate the bioavailability by 1500%!


Mega Test has been formulated to optimize the consumer's hormone levels to promote an increase in training performance and recovery.

After consuming Mega Test, you'll have increased in strength, improved recovery and a greater sense of well-being within the first week.

As we get older our natural test production gradually decreases-it's just part of life.


Take 1 serve (5 capsules) of Primeval Labs Mega-Test in the evening before going to bed.

We'd recommend taking this product for 8 weeks then taking a break for 4 weeks.


This product is $89.95 and 30 serves making it $3.00/serve.

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