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Primeval Labs Super Rhanderol is a very interesting natural muscle building.

When it comes to building muscle size and strength we're always on the hunt for products we can add to our tool bags to push the limit.

Rhanderol looks like it can provide that advantage with its unique non-hormonal activation of the powerful muscle signalling pathway.


If you're a guy or a girl looking to increase your muscle building capacity, training performance and recovery this Rhanderol is well worth trying out.

It uses good dosing, a great delivery method and takes an outside-the-box approach to build muscle and improving recovery.

Being that it doesn't interact with testosterone/estrogen levels this is also suitable to be taken either after a test boosting product like Erosion or even alongside it for even better results.


This is quite a simple product with just 2 ingredients in the products. The main ingredient here is rhaponticum with 500mg per capsule.

This is the real power behind this product. The unique & powerful feature of this particular compound is that it exhibits anabolic activity without being androgenic.

In simple terms this means you get all of the benefits such as increased recovery, better glucose uptake in the cells and elevated gene expression without any of the side effects.

This activates the AKT-PKB pathway which is a growth signalling process to induce faster growth & muscle recovery.

The other ingredient in Super Rhanderol is 5mg of Diosgenin. More commonly known as wild yam this is best described as a steroidal partitioning agent. It elevates the effectiveness of the rhaponticum in the product. This ingredient is also quite a good general health compound with benefits for weak bones & gallbladder problems.


When it comes to the effects of this product you can expect the most noticeable difference to be an increase in muscle recovery and workout performance.

Workouts feel easier, weights start feeling lighter and you'll be training harder and recovering faster.

Primeval Labs went over and above with this product and utilised liposomal delivery technology. This uses a phospholipid delivery method to ensure you get the absolute maximum amount the active ingredients delivered exactly where they need to be.

This product is also non-hormonal and doesn't interact with testosterone or estrogen levels. This makes is great as either a stand-alone or to stack with something else.

It also makes Primeval Labs Super Rhanderol suitable for both males and females.

There are a lot of muscle building products which aren't suitable for girls to use but this is one of the exceptions.

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