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Redcon1 have been making quite an impact in the supplement industry in quite a short time frame.

Unless you live under a rock you would have seen there social media or digital content somewhere.

The products are all transparently dosed which makes them quite easy to review and break down.

Breach is the intra-workout amino acid supplement from Redcon1.

The Formula

This kicks off with 5000mg of branched chain amino acids. Redcon1 have used the proven 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA's which is the most effective when it comes to stimulating muscle protein synthesis. This is a key part of the signalling process and this ratio is ideal to start the process.

Next up in the blend is 1000mg of coconut water powder. This has become a very trendy ingredient of late with the coconut water craze going around.

The advantage of the powder is it provides all of the benefits without the high amounts of sugar and saturated fat.

Coconut water is very nutrient dense being loaded with essential nutrients such as b group vitamins,minerals,electrolytes,enzymes & phytonutrients.

You also get 1000mg of glycerol per serve. This is a cell volumizer and hydrating nutrient. It keeps the muscle cells full and functioning well to not only enhance performance but also absorb and utilise higher amounts of nutrients.

Next on the list is 1000mg of taurine. A very commonly used ingredient in both pre and intra-workouts taurine is excellent for endurance,reducing anxiety,mood enhancement & fighting the oxidative effect of exercise.

Last but not least is some electrolytes to keep your body hydrated and functioning well.

One of the most overlooked factors of increasing performance is staying hydrated so that's a very welcome addition.

Value for Money

Breach is a 30 serve intra-workout product and retails for $59.95. This puts it a touch under $2.00/serve. When you take into account the dosing of the ingredients the value for money on this product is actually quite good.

There's a big difference between cheap and good value and this certainly represents the latter.


This product comes in three flavours: Blue Lemonade,Watermelon & Strawberry Kiwi.

Like everything in the Redcon1 range the flavours all taste great. The coconut powder doesn't mix particularly well but it doesn't affect the flavours at all.


All in all this is quite a well put together. It utilises proven ingredients in researched amounts to put together a complete intra-workout recovery product.

Flavours are good,recovery is great and being carbohydrate free makes it suitable for anyone to use.

This has been designed to stack alongside the carb powder Cluster Bomb to really round out your intra-workout stack.

Check out Redcon1 Breach product page here.

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